Creating products at the intersections of software and content, tech and business

I’m Olivier Travers, an entrepreneur physically based in Chile but with a global outlook. In 2015 I founded Needle Stacker, a service firm dedicated to providing data curation and visualization support to editorial and content marketing teams.

Aside from visualization projects I sometimes consult for companies in the publishing, ecommerce and software space, to help them with challenges such as:

  • Email marketing, marketing automation (inbound+ABM), CRM, analytics/business intelligence, data and software integration, workflow.
  • Payment processing and subscription management.
  • New market and product development, from market research to competitive benchmarking to product definition and product management.
  • Software development methodology, build or buy, leveraging open source software and cloud computing.

I’ve also advised vineyards/wineries in Chile and Argentina on financial and sales/marketing matters.

Before that I was CEO and co-founder of Watershed Publishing, a bootstrapped B2B digital publisher serving concise, useful, timely news and data to qualified audiences with publications such as MarketingCharts and Defense Industry Daily. Revenue came from a mix of advertising direct sales, paid subscriptions and reports. Prior to that I was an internet business analyst/consultant, following sales/marketing roles in several IT companies including Microsoft.

With a focus on systems thinking & integration across disciplines

Throughout my career my customers, colleagues and partners have consistently said that I bring the following to any project:

  • Long-term foresight
  • Clarity & conciseness
  • Analytical due diligence
  • Bridging technology and business with a holistic perspective
  • Strategic vision grounded in operational realities

Incidentally I’ve found that my form of lateral thinking and inter-disciplinary cross-pollination applies to my extra-professional interests, from martial arts to music. I guess it’s just the way I’m wired rather than something I’ve been doing consciously. I’m just not interested in arbitrary mental silos, and would rather let my mind go wherever curiosity and critical thinking will take it.

My professional profile in further detail is available on LinkedIn.

Contact info

You can email me at olivier@oliviertravers.com, find me on Twitter, or call me at +1 212-655-9674.

Quick bio

Olivier Travers and sites he contributed to creating have been referenced by news outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Economist, Min’s B2B, the BBC, SearchEngineWatch, Clickz and Fast Company.

Born in 1971, Olivier graduated in 1993 from ESSCA, a reputable French business school. He worked in sales and marketing positions at big IT companies such as Microsoft and AT&T in the nineties, then moved on to smaller internet ventures with the uneven but thrilling boom-and-bust track record shared by many online veterans.

Olivier is originally from France, lived in Germany, Italy and Portugal, and is currently based in Chile with his wife Sophie and their two children. He is bilingual in English and French, has working Spanish, as well as remnants of Italian, Portuguese, and German.

En Français

Olivier Travers est un entrepreneur français vivant au Chili et travaillant auprès de clients internationaux dans les domaines de la publication digitale, de l’analyse et de la visualisation de données, et dans le logiciel. Je dispose d’un numéro de téléphone en France si vous souhaitez me contacter pour appuyer vos projets.

En Español

Olivier es un emprendedor francés establecido en Chile con actividades profesionales locales y globales. Especialidades: publicación online, análisis y visualización de datos, software, conducción de proyectos, estudios de mercados internacionales, control de gestion.

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