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I’m Olivier Travers, an internet publishing entrepreneur in some fashion or other since 1999. I’m CEO and co-founder of Watershed Publishing, a bootstrapped B2B digital publisher serving concise, useful, timely news and data to qualified audiences with publications such as MarketingCharts and Defense Industry Daily. Our revenue comes from a mix of advertising direct sales, paid subscriptions (aka “the paypall”) and reports.

My professional profile in further detail is available on LinkedIn.

This site

Oliviertravers.com is my personal site and blog where I’ve inflicted technical and anarcho-capitalist blowhard rants on an unsuspecting audience since 2000. I contributed to a group weblog called TheEndOfFree.com from 2002 to 2005 which at the time was well known for its ongoing coverage of fee-based web services and paid online content. Other side projects and experiments include the SciFan database of science fiction and fantasy authors, and the TaxPrinter file recovery service.

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You can email me at olivier@oliviertravers.com or find me on Twitter.

Quick bio

Olivier Travers and sites he contributed to creating have been referenced by news outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Economist, Min’s B2B, Slashdot, the BBC, SearchEngineWatch, Clickz and Fast Company.

Born in 1971, Olivier graduated from ESSCA in 1993, a reputable French business school. He worked in sales and marketing positions at big IT companies such as Microsoft and AT&T in the nineties, then moved on to smaller internet ventures with the uneven but thrilling boom-and-bust track record shared by most online veterans.

Olivier is originally from France, lived in Germany, Italy and Portugal, and is currently based in Chile with his wife Sophie and their two children. He is bilingual in English and French, butchers Spanish with abandon, and has limited remnants of Italian, Portuguese, and German.

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About this blog

I'm CEO of an online/mobile trade publishing firm in the marketing and defense verticals. We strive to make news and data digestible and useful in an environment that is noisier by the day.

This personal blog mixes my thoughts and interests on politics, business, publishing, software, and more. Over the years I have posted items that turned out spectacularly wrong, and a few posts that better stood the test of time.



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