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Don’t buy that PlayStation Jim Lynch agrees with me, hence he must be right.

Jamby-IHQ I usually don’t like animated cursors but this one looks so much like an old-time Amiga demo. BTW, am I linking to a Flash site? Who said I’m intolerant and angry.

I don’t know what to quote, the whole article is a must-read. As often, I’ll take the conclusion: "The end-goal is both the usability and immediacy of applications like Groove, but with widespread accessibility, openness and democratic access afforded by the Web."

Where are my posts? Infolets has a smart comment system that shows you all the posts by a contributor. Yet, the only place where I saw it on their site was while previewing my own comment. It relies on their search engine. Metafilter has it too, I’d like to see it elsewhere, if only to […]

Microsoft Mouse – IntelliMouse Explorer Its Back and Forward buttons just under the thumb are the best invention since sliced bread! (Usual disclosure: I own 3,112 MSFT stock so buy this mouse to nanopay me.)

Vignette >Intel, Vignette Announce Global e-Business Alliance Optimizing a CMS for a specific CPU flavor? Come on.

Below the Beltway (thru Tsja who is my first via and also put me in his Dagelijks rondje, thx, does it mean daily tour?) "The wastebaskets of the Washington Post newsroom fill up each day with relentlessly chirpy mail from PR people alerting us to important news, such as a new line of home furnishings […]

Webify Bookmarklet anyone? Can someone please code a bookmarklet that would instantly webify all the paper content dumped on the web? Stuff like adding active external hyperlinks, removing references to "page xyz", having subtitles that look different from the main text, setting up a forum that isn’t a joke, and removing "click for more" links […]

Yahoo! – What’s New Here’s what they say about the relaunch: "back from the dead and up to its old browser tricks again". I predict bashing in the weeks to come here, here, here and here. In fact everyone will laugh and predict another failure, or already has. Not that it’s not deserved, but […]

That’s a lot of money for a synch service. They’re also in the crowded bed of buzz-of the-day Groove. I wonder how the different third parties plugged in the Groove platform will talk to one another? For instance, say you make a chat app that saves conversation transcripts, how much work will be required for […]

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