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More Than Just Jabber "[Q] How has Jabber been extended beyond the traditional Instant Messaging/chat-type functionality? [A] We have built extensions to the RSS (Rich Site Summary) XML format. There are thousands of sites out there now publishing headlines and little news stories in RSS

Remaking the Peer-to-Peer Meme "This essay is an excerpt from the forth-coming book Peer-to-Peer: Harnessing the Disruptive Potential of Collaborative Networking. It presents the goals that drive the developers of the best-known peer-to-peer systems, the problems they’ve faced, and the technical solutions they’ve found. The book will be available at the O’Reilly Peer-to-Peer Conference in […]

Mappa.Mundi Site Rescue Through June 1999 to June 2000, Mappa.Mundi Magazine examined how we see and use the Internet via an eclectic mix of articles about technology, history, and the future of cyberspace. After a six month hiatus, Mappa.Mundi Magazine has been restored to the Internet in an archival state by as part of […]

write me a cross-linking detection robot? "Wouldn’t it be helpful if these 1000s of newcomers were monitored and grouped on the basis of some consistent mutual interest. Like when indeed there’s more than average crosslinking going on between them? Who could write us a robot that snoops and groups’m? Or is there such existing in […]

Falling Prices at Amazon " Outlet is officially launched. Absent the physical distance afforded to traditional retailers in separating their full price and cut rate branded stores, Amazon has to be a one-stop, catchall shop. The fact that the company is going beyond its own stale inventory to stock the new store with cutouts and […]

Context Mag: "Obviously, we have to make sure both the individual store and are appropriately compensated for sales through the kiosks. But that isn’t turning out to be a big problem. At the beginning, most felt that individual store managers were the most likely people inside Wal-Mart to feel threatened. In fact, we received […]

ZDNet: "Stutz has been acting as Microsoft’s liaison to the nascent Internet P2P community, and has already met with several P2P companies. "We’re now going to start talking to people who are developing peer-to-peer applications to find out what they need," he said." As I speculated earlier, Groove and Microsoft have a relationship, at least […]

Evolt redesigned I don’t know when evolt changed their design but I love the new one.

MUOTD My Userland On The Desktop looks like a promising (if ill-named) way to post to several blogs/meta categories at the same time (how about "metacats" for my last Y2K attempt at jargon fame?) From what I understand it will also preload the channels you subscribe to. It’s true Newsblogger would be even more useful […]

NewsBloggerBar: Now in Beta "Here’s something new for Windows/IE/NewsBlogger users: The NewsBloggerBar — a browser extension that puts NewsBlogger headlines and the Blogger posting form a click away (and gets rid of the annoying framing problems that sometimes occur with NewsBlogger)."

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