22 Jan

California power shortage to hit

California power shortage to hit independent French webmaster
How do you like my headline style? Here’s what I got in my mailbox, having registered as a CNet affiliate in the past:
"As many of you are aware, the state of California is experiencing a shortage in available power. As a precautionary measure, we are switching the servers that host News.com content. This will help insure the stability of the News.com headline feeds you presently display on your site. Due to this change in servers, we are asking you to modify the dynamic News.com html you are presently hosting. Failure to update the existing News.com html will result in a lack of displayed content."

20 Jan

eBay Stands Tall “The world’s

eBay Stands Tall
"The world’s number-one auction site appears to have strengthened its position during the fourth quarter. Revenue and earnings came in ahead of expectations, margins kept growing, and registered users topped the 20 million mark. Meanwhile, rival Yahoo!’s move to initiate listing fees appears to have given eBay room to boost its own tariffs."

20 Jan

Vividence – Accenture Alliance “Accenture,

Vividence – Accenture Alliance
"Accenture, formerly known as Andersen Consulting, and Vividence Corporation, the leader in Customer Experience Management (CEM) products and services, today announced an alliance aimed at helping businesses better understand and respond to customers’ expectations and experiences online."
I’ve been an online tester for Vividence three times, their browser-based process is worthwile. Accent Adventure meets Vivid Evidence, this name game is so funny!

19 Jan

LookSmart inks directory deal with

LookSmart inks directory deal with Amazon
"Under the deal, LookSmart will develop "Subsite Listings" that will let people search Amazon product categories such as books, music, videos and DVDs as well as its consumer electronics and software products stores. Consumers who type in a keyword to search for a product will be provided with a link to the site that sells the product rather than to the home page of Amazon."
I’m curious to see how that will look. I fail to see how Amazon.com needs Looksmart.

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