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Is His Psycho Ex-Girlfriend Real? "The hottest thing on the Internet this week was the Psycho Ex-Girlfriend website, but doubts about its authenticity are beginning to surface." This site looks a little bit too much like the guys doing it knew exactly what they were doing (the message board, then the merchandise, …). 04/15/01 update: […] Scorecard for 2000 "There’s one scary thing about making predictions. Someone might go back and compare your forecasts with what actually happened. That’s exactly what we did. We examined the predictions analysts made in two sectors

Pfizer to Form Tech Venture With Microsoft, IBM (enjoy free WSJ thru while it lasts) "Drug maker Pfizer Inc., moving onto the turf of health-technology companies such as WebMD Corp., is expected to announce today that it will form a joint venture with partners Microsoft Corp. and International Business Machines Corp. to sell software […]

Blogger to Break by Weekend Or so promises its COE (Chief Only Executive). Does that mean I won’t be able to publish? Then enjoy the archives. Even if you read me at the time, you’ll find new links and updates as I often add them as time goes by.

Microsoft ready to unveil portal software Sharepoint (codename Tahoe) is apparently about to be RTM (Ready to Manufacturing).

Syndicate Your Page "Do you have a webpage that you’d like to see provided in RSS, a syndication format used by hundreds of programs and read by thousands of people? Now it can happen. All you have to do is add a simple marker around each item." Looks like a gotta-try till Blogger natively supports […]

ResearchBuzz Extra: Subscribe Today! "You know ResearchBuzz is a free weekly newsletter covering developments and news in the world of online research. It is free; you can subscribe by using the signup form on the left side of the page. But maybe you want a little bit more… ResearchBuzz Extra offers even more to help […]

The prerogatives of innovation "We see an early version of this in the U.S. First Amendment that declared one didn’t have to ask "may I" before speaking. We shouldn’t ask "may I" before innovating."

Valuing dot-coms after the fall (free reg. req.) "The Internet roller coaster may rank as the market’s most dramatic upheaval over the past 20 years,1 but it certainly hasn’t been the only one. Remember biotech? Real estate? Leveraged buyouts? What about Japan Incorporated? Each fad was accompanied by the conviction among market bulls that

Trident Capital to invest in public companies "A mere 12 months ago, the public markets were accepting any business, startups without a hint of revenue got huge market caps, and venture capitalists saw obscenely high rates of return. Those conditions pushed too many companies public too soon. Some of them are real businesses, but now […]

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