29 Mar

Pfizer to Form Tech Venture

Pfizer to Form Tech Venture With Microsoft, IBM (enjoy free WSJ thru work.com while it lasts)
"Drug maker Pfizer Inc., moving onto the turf of health-technology companies such as WebMD Corp., is expected to announce today that it will form a joint venture with partners Microsoft Corp. and International Business Machines Corp. to sell software and services to doctors.
The new company doesn’t yet have a name or a chief executive, and the companies declined to specify how much money the participants are contributing. But in its stated goals, the venture echoes what companies such as WebMD have been trying to accomplish, with frustratingly slow results. That includes eliminating the costly administrative paperwork that ties up much of doctors’ time and automating clinical functions, such as prescribing."
If this works, it’s interesting for many reasons. IBM and Microsoft working together on a large scale is an acknowledgment to realism. A year ago all the big marketplaces projects seemed to go to Oracle. Now Microsoft gets this bid, and another one with the British government. Who’s developing the custom software in these deals? Microsoft is supposed to do only shrink wrap stuff. Is MCS (Microsoft Consulting Services) taking delivery responsibility and subcontracting to custom development shops?

29 Mar

ResearchBuzz Extra: Subscribe Today! “You

ResearchBuzz Extra: Subscribe Today!
"You know ResearchBuzz is a free weekly newsletter covering developments and news in the world of online research. It is free; you can subscribe by using the signup form on the left side of the page.
But maybe you want a little bit more… ResearchBuzz Extra offers even more to help make you an effective and savvy Internet researcher:
1) The regular ResearchBuzz newsletter sans ads;
2) An additional newsletter answering questions from subscribers on how to find things online, with step by step discussion, hints and tips. The newsletter will also contain news and commentary on the world of Internet research.
ResearchBuzz Extra costs $20 a year, with a special $15 price for students, educators, and librarians. It is for personal use only. There is a corporate version of ResearchBuzz Extra available."
Think about how much time you can waste by not knowing how to search stuff online.

28 Mar

Trident Capital to invest in

Trident Capital to invest in public companies
"A mere 12 months ago, the public markets were accepting any business, startups without a hint of revenue got huge market caps, and venture capitalists saw obscenely high rates of return. Those conditions pushed too many companies public too soon. Some of them are real businesses, but now they’re in a pinch: the markets are closed to secondary offerings, and venture capital money is frequently out of reach of later-stage firms.
Trident Capital has its eye on them. The firm will use its new $725 million fund to invest in a number of publicly-traded companies in need of working capital and operating close to the break-even point. According to Trident’s research, 175 recently public companies are trading below their cash value, says managing director of Trident Capital Venetia Kontogouris. "There are a lot of really good valuations — some of them are better than private companies," she says."