30 Apr

NTL + AOL, where is

NTL + AOL, where is MSN?
Instead of just picking up the Reuters story, why don’t other news outlets investigate further? Since Microsoft invested $500 million in NTL (or 5.25% of the company, according to SEC filings), it might be interesting to get their opinion on this. Their investment was only recently approved by the EC, but its value was reduced by 50% since it was inked (looking at today’s share price). France Telecom – an ISP and consumer portal through its subsidiary Wanadoo – has also a stake in NTL.
It seems AOL Europe, which is getting out of its deals with Bertelsmann (and Vivendi Universal in France), will still have to partner with competitors, such as Cegetel or NTL, to increase its presence as an ISP. Since Bertelsmann (involved in Terra Lycos Europe) and VU are shuffling collaborations, and are working with Yahoo! too, the landscape is more complex every day. It looks like everyone is now putting eggs in everyone else’s basket and is letting the market sort out what works and what doesn’t. I’m not sure it’s possible to draw a 2D map of these deals at this point.

30 Apr

Online Communities Endure as Platforms

Online Communities Endure as Platforms Come and Go
"The death of a few entrants into the field of online-community-empowering software and services should be seen as a normal adjustment to overinvestment in particular technologies and services. We’ve observed many communities being displaced as corporate strategies change or as the service providers go out of business. But like Christine, the haunted 1958 Plymouth Fury in Stephen King’s novel, the pieces of displaced online groups seem to knit themselves back together quite readily. Before long, the engine is revving again, the radio playing the same song as it was before she was thrown on the scrapheap."

27 Apr

SearchShots – See your search

This directory based on the ODP shows thumbnails of the search results.
06/25/01 update: Google has a similar feature now in beta. And some Altavista European sites too (at least UK and France I think).
07/03/01 update: Google Polishes its Image ; the new search engine Diggit.
11/01/01 update: Google tests snapshots of Web pages.
03/25/02 update: Diggit is for sale, Thumbshots offers similar features.
03/19/04 update: ViewPoint toolbar.