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NTL + AOL, where is MSN? Instead of just picking up the Reuters story, why don’t other news outlets investigate further? Since Microsoft invested $500 million in NTL (or 5.25% of the company, according to SEC filings), it might be interesting to get their opinion on this. Their investment was only recently approved by the […]

Perfect Pitch, an interview with Quincy Jones QJ has a couple of mouthfuls here. Context comes again with good articles, such as Collusion Damage.

Online Communities Endure as Platforms Come and Go "The death of a few entrants into the field of online-community-empowering software and services should be seen as a normal adjustment to overinvestment in particular technologies and services. We’ve observed many communities being displaced as corporate strategies change or as the service providers go out of business. […]

A dozen tips to save time and space Share these with your friends to help them on the way to become a power user. There’s so much time you can spare, just knowing how to do things more efficiently. 08/02/03 update: UI PowerTips

More wacky generators This update adds a site to get you a gangsta or porn name. archives… free! (thru Ironminds) Not exactly a secret back door hacked by Russians… Yahoo! 07/01/01 update: Yahoo, alliance unravels.

Blast Mapper: Map a Blast

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29 Apr 2001

I can’t resist the blast (sic) to categorize this as "fun": "Would you survive a nuclear blast? Nuclear Blast Mapper will show you how terribly destructive thermonuclear weapons are."

How to use Moreover and Meerkat to output RSS feeds by source Yesterday, I learnt how to use the Meerkat API. Now, after reading Moreover’s help, here’s the RSS feed for Since some sources don’t advertise their RSS output, it sometimes falls to the aggregators to provide them.

TheBrain Technologies Corporation Announces $16 Million Equity Investment "…from GE Equity, Accenture Technology Ventures and THLi"

This directory based on the ODP shows thumbnails of the search results. 06/25/01 update: Google has a similar feature now in beta. And some Altavista European sites too (at least UK and France I think). 07/03/01 update: Google Polishes its Image ; the new search engine Diggit. 11/01/01 update: Google tests snapshots of Web pages. […]

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