27 Apr

Xythos raises $6.3 million “Xythos

Xythos raises $6.3 million
"Xythos Software, Inc, today announced that it received $6.3 million from IDG Ventures, Softbank Venture Capital and other investors. Both IDG and Softbank contributed $3 million each. Xythos develops sever-based file management software that provides secure file storage and sharing functions over the Web, leveraging businesses’ existing storage network infrastructures."

27 Apr

Where Are The XML Apps

Where Are The XML Apps We Can See And Touch?
"Nobody’s more jazzed than me about Web services. But let’s not forget that people need to engage with those services. The first-generation Web did forget that. What was intended to be a collaborative medium turned into something more like television, and reduced people to sets of eyeballs. Will the next-generation Web make the same mistake? I hope not, and I believe XML can help us out. But not if it just reinvents the plumbing. It had better also improve the apps we see and touch."

26 Apr

Review: Groove’s collaborative peer-to-peer software

Review: Groove’s collaborative peer-to-peer software still immature
"To some degree, Groove lives up to those promises. But the software, whose first version was released earlier this month, needs work. The Groove we experienced is mostly about the future, not the present. Groove craves computers and Internet connections superior to today’s standards. It is expandable, adaptable, customizable. For that, though, developers are required."

25 Apr

Amazon Squeaks Past Its Own

Amazon Squeaks Past Its Own Estimates
"For the first time, Amazon broke out the revenues from what it calls its "service" business, partnerships it has signed with Toys ‘R’ Us, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and other companies. While revenues in the service business were a modest $42 million, they accounted for $4 million in pro forma operating profits, the second Amazon business segment to achieve operating profitability."
They’re still losing a lot of money, and while consumer electronics grow, books, music and video don’t.
05/07/01 update: EBITDA Addiction Growing At Dot-coms. 06/25/01 addon: Name Your Own Reality.

24 Apr

802.11b Networking News I’m considering

802.11b Networking News
I’m considering buying a notebook and connect it to the home office LAN through a WiFi connection, as more affordable products hit the market.
Update: this blog pointed me to a must-read: Can You Kiss 3G Goodbye — and Still Make a Buck?.
04/30/01 update: Future Imperfect, another thougtful piece that doesn’t fall into me-too wap-bash but looks into what people really might want to do with wireless.
05/08/01 update: some guys at O’Reilly are trying to build a 20 mile connection!
06/29/01 update: Cringely uses it to get DSL (now it gets real wild).