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Soundbite of the day

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29 Jun 2001

"[T]hat first to market thing didn’t work out, so now we’re working on last man standing" As attributed to an anonymous VC by Alan Cooper.

What is Innovision?

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29 Jun 2001

"Utilizing emerging XML-based protocol and web-services concepts, Innovision has converged the traditional ideas of application server and integration server, creating a platform to rapidly design, develop and deploy e-services." My gut feeling is there are a lot of companies out there trying to get into the application integration market in similar ways. I lack a […]

"Unlike “data” products on the market today, PHASER is an informational tool to assist you in maximizing your reservations and revenue. In a matter of minutes you will have a feel for the trends in your market." This online competitive information service for hoteliers is impressive if I’m to believe their tour.

Forbes: "While most seasoned analysts struggle to find stocks that actually go up, a 26-year-old online investing maven from Chicago is up 86% in the past year." I didn’t look into Marketocracy since it launched, but it might be worth following a little more closely.

Forbes: "How do you stop theft in a store with 19 million shoppers, 100,000 daily transactions and millions of exits? One crook at a time."

Joel Spolsky: "I’m a software designer! I’m your target audience, and I can’t make head or tail of it! […] [Y]ou’re ruining your products because you can’t explain in two sentences what they do in a way which would be meaningful to the people who are going to make the purchase decision." I hate PRBS […]

"Our goal at Backwash is to save you from Information Overload. To filter all content, not just news, and weed out the dross. We do this by grouping people into collaborative surfing communities which let like-minded people find content and products across all subjects. In effect, we are filtering and sorting the Internet by personalities […] "Epicentric and Newsedge recently announced a partnership which should make it easier for employees to take action on real-time business news in the context of the corporate intranet. The key to the enhanced functionality involves something Epicentric calls "modules." These "modules" (pieces of the overall portal architecture) interact in a "contextual" way. In other […]

Nick Usborne: "White-collar spam is particularly insidious because it makes it much harder for genuine opt-in emails to break through that inbox clutter." FW: RE: Another mouthful by Nick (was: these spammers are smarter and smarter…)

E-Commerce News: "In fact, 95 percent of the traffic to X10 during May came from the pop-up and pop-under ads. Kalehoff said it is nearly impossible to judge from the outside how many people actually browsed through the site or bought anything online after seeing the company’s ads." I take it as a display of […]

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