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MSNBC: "Under the terms of the agreement, Sony Corp. of America and Yahoo! will develop and distribute a Web site called Sony on My Yahoo!, and the portal giant will feature Sony electronic products on its shopping page as well as provide consulting services and content integration and promotion" Hmm, looks like a deal empty […]

CNet: "In recent months, the Seattle-based company has cut staff in its online auction department, reduced customer service dedicated to it and closed its live-auction affiliate, company and outside sources say. In addition, Amazon no longer has a manager assigned solely to auctions and has turned its focus to other e-tail businesses."

interview with Jared Spool: "Usability is not usable! It doesn’t work. It doesn’t produce the results we promise it will. And we get angry when people stop paying attention to us. As a profession, we need to spend a lot more resources on basic research. We need to stop thinking that there are pat, one-size-fits-all […]

What is Reptile?

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31 Jul 2001

Reptile is: "[…] an easy way to share information with others on the Internet in a distributed and efficient manner. Generally this information is news syndicated through RSS but Reptile can support any content type including other XML formats and potentially binary data […] Reptile also includes integration of a Reputation Management Framework (RMF) which […]

Jim Griffin: "It’s a bad idea, for all concerned, to let key currencies get so far out of alignment, but Americans can run only American economic policies. On this side of the water, there is no alternative to a strong dollar policy. If the rest of the world will not take effective action to bring […]

BusinessWeek: "Probably the last place you would expect to find stocks that derive some benefit from a weak economy is in the Internet sector. But when sifting through the limited number of positive second-quarter earnings reports, a surprising number of Web stocks with countercyclical attributes emerge. They aren’t all good buys — quite a few […]

Fine-Tune Your Web Apps: "Web application servers have become the engines driving e-business, running business logic and connecting to legacy back-end systems. But given their increasing strategic importance, IT managers must ensure they stay up and running 24×7, have adequate processing power for peak scalability and are utilized effectively to simplify application updates."

The Guardian: "First Tuesday co-founder Adam Gold has sold his Silicon Valley internet business, Obongo, to AOL Time Warner for an undisclosed sum. […] Obongo was set up to take the frustration out of entering your personal and financial details when buying from e-commerce sites, by doing it for you automatically."

Matt Webb: "[an individual weblog isn’t] really a slice, it’s more of a trail, a chronological record of a passage through the web (a trail in the memex sense). Every so often, the trails overlap, and there would be value in seeing who else has crossed this point (a point being a node, a post, […]

ClickZ: This is good advice for junior staff. Some people never grow up. They’ll come up with these "have you seen the news?" questions, looking in-the-know and insisting that something important just happened. Of course, their source is another worthless "article" that falls in one of the categories listed by Tig Tillinghast, building hype out […]

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