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Infoworld interview with Covisint’s CTO: "We spent a lot of time talking about sophisticated integration method. But there is a segment of the market that doesn’t want to make the investment, or the bigger companies don’t want to experiment with large integration costs — they only want to stick their toe in the water. We […]

Cory Doctorow: "There are at least seven insurmountable obstacles between the world as we know it and meta-utopia. I’ll enumerate them below: people lie, are lazy, are stupid […]". These thoughts are expressed in a provocative way but they hold some truth. The point on users’ laziness and lack of care is undeniable.

Econtnent Mag: "A simple example of a topic map is illustrated in a "gentle" introduction to the subject on A topic map discussing Shakespeare might include some explicit links to URLs for some of the plays, connecting the URLs to "topics" […]. Each of these URLs is considered an "occurrence" of each topic. These […]

This ASP News article sums up how the Microsoft and Sun approaches compare. If .Net manages to become a credible multi-platform environment (who ever used ActiveX/DCOM ports by Software AG?) – through portability or interop – then Microsoft will win all these developers than don’t know Java and don’t care to learn it (or that […]

ClickZ: "But therein lies the rub. As a corporate marketing tactic, it works only if the blog author has talent. You need someone on your team who can write in a genuinely engaging voice, who can be intimate without telling you what he or she had for breakfast, and who knows the line between openness […]

Interview of Clay Shirky: "Web services, by starting with a standards-driven goal, stands a much better chance in my mind of providing not only the standards and infrastructure for Web services but the spill-over: standards and infrastructure for peer-to-peer. So the obvious win for peer-to-peer from Web services is better interoperability. And I think there […]

Line56: "Time will tell whether the business community

Morbus Iff: "Now, sure, XML-RPC is not for end users – my dog could gleefully lick his dogbowl, ignoring the fact that I’m SOAPing the amount of water in his bowl so that I can be Jabber’d when he needs more. […] We all know XML-RPC, we all know some aspects of XML, we all […]

Jon Udell: "[W]hile XML-RPC and SOAP are inherently symmetric, there is often more value in getting XML out of a service than in sending XML into a service. What’s more, the URL-line remains, for lots of reasons, a really useful way to request services that may or may not emit XML, and if they do […]

Linux Today: "This article argues that the shift towards web services has reduced the attractiveness of the current generation of Open Source web products. The only solution is for Open Source to adopt a web services architecture, and fast."

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