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This app maps the 400 richest people in the US, as tracked by Forbes for the last 5 years. Look at the Silicon Valley, but don’t blink. 02/29/04 update: 1996-2003 map and 2003 map by state.

TheStreet: "Sun and its [about 30] partners today announced the formation of the Liberty Alliance Project, an initiative to promote an open identification standard on the Internet that’s a clear swipe at Microsoft’s single sign-on Passport initiative."

Groove and .NET

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28 Sep 2001

Groove mainly brings offline support, synchronisation and security on top of .NET. Which is a funny story since replication is one of the few points where Lotus Notes outshines its competition. 05/21/04 update: Adesso "is a rapid-development platform for building, deploying and managing mobile applications for the enterprise, workgroups or mobile professionals. Adesso applications reside […]

RedHerring has a few suggestions on how Microsoft should spend its cash.

See how Priceline and Webex compare: PCLN lost all of their partial recovery, while WEBX has been bouncing quite strongly. And did you notice people are now starting to make fun of the Sept. 11 events (like the fake picture of a tourist posing on top of the WTC, unaware of the plane coming behind […]

Well documented, sensible Wired article about DoCoMo’s iMode, why it’s successful, and what western telcos should learn from it.

CNet: "Microsoft will extend its Passport authentication service to the broader business market, including its rivals, in an effort to build acceptance for its service and allay privacy concerns. In addition, Microsoft is renaming its HailStorm Web services initiative as .Net My Services." 03/23/04 update: CNet: Password to Nowhere? 10/18/04 update: Anil Dash: Wither Passport?. […]

For the last two days I’ve been thinking of a new Marshall plan, this time to help Central Asia out of the misery that fosters fanaticism. The original plan was a business plan to increase the ability of European countries to import from the US. And it was a political plan, meant to assure the […]

Google Zeitgeist: "At 6:51 a.m. on Tuesday, more than 6,200 queries for "cnn" were conducted on Google. Between 6:26 a.m. and 7:06 a.m., the number of searches for "cnn" averaged approximately 6,000 queries per minute." People probably wanted to see what was in Google’s cache when they couldn’t load Maybe Google is going to […]

Wired: "People have complained that sites for the big news organizations, like CNN, The New York Times and the BBC, were unavailable for much of the day due to high traffic. And what newspapers and portals were available simply ran wire copy. But under the radar, the Net responded magnificently; it was just a matter […]

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