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Infoworld: "All of us are customers. So, let’s be honest. What if you had to have a relationship, as defined not by you but by the vendor, with every company that made or sold every product that you used last month? Would there be any end to the information they would want to collect?" This […]

InternetNews: "[IBM] has purchased the assets of middleware company CrossWorlds Software, Inc. in a cash transaction valued at about $129 million." Here’s how TheStreet told founder Katrina Garnett’s story last year.

ZDNet: "The online retailer spent $54m on technology and content expenses in its third quarter, ended 30 September, compared with $71m in the year-ago quarter, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The reduction was primarily because of Amazon’s "migration to a Linux-based technology platform that utilises a less costly technology infrastructure, […]

Forbes: "In an attempt to offset the flattening growth of its flagship database, Oracle is building a third leg to its business, called application servers–a booming market projected to grow more than tenfold to $26 billion by 2005." I speculated earlier this year that a big player might want to buy BEA. Their market cap […]

Instant Messaging Planet: "Groove users can now communicate with Windows Messenger — the new instant-messaging (IM) software in Windows XP. For example, a Messenger user can send an "Invite to Groove" notification directly from Messenger to a member of her contact list, automatically creating a new Groove shared space or pulling the two participants into […] Services:: "Your Message Center shows you messages from that are generated based on your Favorites, your wishlist, and your community settings." Amazon already sends email notifications based on user requests (you can be warned when a product is available for order, or when a search query turns out new results). Now they introduce […]

Thomas Madsen-Mygdal: "This isn’t about the next ipo or hype wave, but about creating a revenue stream for smaller sites that makes them stay around. Giving the creators an incentive to keep developing and working on their sites and paying for hosting, etc. $200-2,000’s of revenue per month would keep a lot of sites up […]

Evan Williams: "The general idea behind [Sun’s] presentation – web apps that have both lightweight HTML interfaces and rich client desktop interfaces for different purposes/users – is one I like. The conclusion – that you should use Java to build the rich client interfaces – is something I have a hard time swallowing."

This internet archive is the hot topic of the day. What’s great – as has been pointed out – is that you can easily access to it through code, since you can send it parameters through the url, just like this (REST rules). 10/29/01 update: Wayback Goes Way Back on Web. 10/31/01 update: How Big […]

CIO Magazine: "With the cost of producing and airing commercials so astronomically high, and with so many real products and real services in your offerings, what’s the point of selling flashy impossibilities? Or is that indeed the point? It strikes me that these ads are (in spite of their cost) a relatively cheap way to […]

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