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Infoworld: "In a phased rollout, each of the 4,000 parcel centers will have Internet access to a Newgistics solution called ReturnValet. The ReturnValet interface at the parcel center connects to ValetWare, a standard Windows application, running over dialup or VPN, which connects to Spiegel’s order management, financial, and warehouse management systems using a Web services […]

Lawrence Lessig: "The environment of innovation on the original network will change according to the extent that cable becomes the primary mode of access to the Internet. Rather than a network that vests intelligence in the ends, the cable-dominated network will vest an increasing degree of intelligence within the network itself. And to the extent […]

BusinessWeek: "eBay is run like a democracy, with customers playing a major role. But will that relationship become a casualty of the auction site’s success?"

InformationWeek: "Many software vendors sell analytical tools as part of larger software packages for managing transactions and other business processes related to direct sales or sales through distributors and dealers. But OneChannel is unique in its focus on analytics that help manufacturers monitor the accuracy of demand forecasts." Considering how painful it can be to […]

Keyhole: "fuses high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery, elevation data, GPS coordinates, and overlay information about cities and businesses to deliver a streaming, 3D map of the entire globe." You want to watch the demo movies of this application, and here’s the system’s architecture. Imagine when your optical nerves will be connected to the Internet. That’s […]

I’m a bit tired of talks of a so-called A-List, a supposed group of weblogs accused of grabbing all the popularity and traffic. Wanna know about a real closed society? In France where I live, old powerful families (for you Americans: I’m not talking about just five generations, but hundreds of years) still bear a […]

Dana Blankenhorn: "Every company goes through distinct phases as it grows. The smallest companies are customer-focused. Mid-sized companies are often employee-focused, as they build their internal systems to handle more business. The largest companies are always financially-focused, caring nothing about people and everything about numbers. A simple exercise shows why this is necessary. Look down […] "We occasionally offer items at a price below the manufacturer-determined minimum advertised price. When we do this, we cannot display the lower price on the Web site, though we can show it to you once you add the item to your Shopping Cart. Please be assured that simply adding an item to your cart […]

This is a far cry from the missed IPO last year, but at least they’re still alive. It seems Gomez is now focusing on competing with Keynote rather than Consumer Reports.

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