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CNN: "Aiming to further legitimize real-time communications, Microsoft announced a licensing agreement with IMlogic to embed IM (instant messaging) archiving technology into future versions of its enterprise-level IM products." I don’t think the guys at Cordant are opening bottles of champagne right now. Seems a tale of former Microsoft employees (Cordant’s Sonu Aggarwal and IMLogic’s […]

Stewart Alsop: "Couldn’t these AOL Time Warner execs just bury Netscape and get on with their lives? Couldn’t they focus on the future and on competing aggressively in today’s landscape, rather than trying to extract a pound of flesh from Microsoft through the court system? Instead of fighting back with great products and technological genius, […]

Jason Kottke: "Ecommerce sites that are slow, time out a lot, throw bad errors, and are generally not very pleasant to use tend to have URLs containing "jsp", "servlet", or ".jhtml". Perhaps that’s an unfair generalization to make because sites using Java on the back-end can be implemented and designed properly, just like with any […]

Press release: "Microsoft Customer Relationship Management will be available as a standalone product as well as an integrated solution to Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics, Solomon and eEnterprise. Its expected availability in North America is in the fourth quarter of 2002. Availability outside of North America will be phased and is expected to begin in the […]

Seattle Times: "[C]an Google avoid the hubris and greed that turned Netscape essentially into a money play, Apple into a niche player and Microsoft into a global monopoly? It’s a significant question. If Google sells out to monied or powerful interests, it could easily be turned into a subtle but pernicious Web marketing vehicle, forcing […]

Robert Loch: "All I

Ftrain: "I am Google! I find many good things. I find that pair of underwear with the little dice printed all over them. And I watch the tape of you with the life-sized Stallman puppet. These are good unique things. Many keywords and links! My masters will say ‘much good job, little robot!’ Many searchers […]

Ok, so we’re having cool tools to handle our digital music collections, but here’s why we’re only scratching the surface. The id3tags we get are mainly about the physical media our music comes from: album, band, track, … We’re just starting to get more interesting stuff such as lyrics or classification by genre and tempo, […]

Seattle PI: "Even though the online retailer was burned badly playing the venture game, [] is still on the prowl for investment opportunities. But this time the deals are nowhere near as high-profile (in some cases doesn’t even announce them). And they also don’t come with hefty price tags. In the past three months, […]

CNet: "Some Yahoo merchants are using a trick to boost their presence in the company’s shopping search results. Instead of opening one store in the company’s shopping mall, they are opening multiple stores, all under different names, but offering mostly the same inventory at almost the same prices. The result is that a customer who […]

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