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CNet: "Some sellers are hopping mad after an 11-day stretch of planned maintenance to the site’s storefronts has snarled their ability to update their listings and removed some of the listings entirely." affiliate statistics are sometimes late by several days, while CJ features near real-time reporting for hundreds of merchants. Here it’s even […]

Press release: "SmartPipes’ software enables service providers to quickly develop and launch managed network services such as IP VPN intranets and extranets, Remote Access and Managed Security solutions, as well as automated router management and provisioning tasks." They have John Doerr on board.

Jon Udell comments on instantly shared outliners: "It’s not about XML, or HTTP, or outlining. It’s about people evolving to the point where they publish what they’re doing, and subscribe to what other people are doing, in just the right proportions, so that there’s maximum awareness of shared purpose but minimal demand on the scarce […]

John R. Engen: "Tepid customer demand for [financial] account aggregation keeps profitability out of reach. Can banks build an acceptable business case?"

Adam Vandenberg: "Both sets of tools fall into the same broad category of softare, knowledge management systems. You have people in your organization, on teams, and they need to share stuff and communicate. Both system have a content management (CMS) part. Radio is more about communicating via ad hoc, spur of the moment notes. You […]

Google Jobs: "In the future, we’d like to improve our search quality by applying machine-learning, artificial intelligence and information retrieval techniques to problems such as: Extraction of structured information from the web Information synthesis (by pulling partial information from multiple documents to fulfill an information need) Learning of semantic concepts and using this to improve […]

I bet this survey is related to the recent introduction of a similar service by Google. There’s nothing like competition to keep companies on their toes. Altavista apparently ponders the introduction of filtering/sorting options by date and geography (two of several suggestions I sent to Google earlier this week). Google added a "sort by relevance/sort […]

Tech Review: "Because [Microsoft Research’s] Farsite stores copies of a user’s files on multiple machines, that also makes it more network fault tolerant than a centralized server system. If there is a network fault that blocks access to one machine where the user’s files are stored, the odds are that another machine with the same […]

The Adminimizer Toolbar uses IE6’s XML support: "You see your blog in the browser. You want to add to or edit it so… You go to some other app or site to do your blogging. Does this make sense? No. You should be able to edit and save right there, in your browser, on your […]

A New Magazine about Weblogs, Webzines, and Personal Publishing: "Microcontent News hopes to pioneer a new model of weblog coverage. Our articles will be written by people immersed in the field, not busy journalists on a deadline. And we’ll have none of these restrictions on word count. Articles will be as long or as short […]

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