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A long interview done by Ha’aretz just before the results on last Sunday. I’m sorry about the recent emphasis on French politics which is totally out of my usual focus, but don’t worry, it’ll be over by next Sunday. I have remnants of love for my country and its culture that I’ve been aware for […]

Daniel Cohen: "Le Pen’s unexpected popularity emphasized the public’s sullen rejection of the Socialists’ agenda and placed his themes at the center of political debate […] All of Le Pen’s adversaries, in fact, have had difficulty finding effective ways to oppose him. His ridiculing of "the Gang of Four"

Just a reminder to put things into perspective. Where was the "republican front" and the authority of the State last month when CGT members (*) beat up people who tried to distribute free newspapers out of the control of their organization, and spilled the newspapers on the ground? The police didn’t do anything. Political leaders […]

Jonah Goldberg: "In other words, France is still a menagerie of lefty jackassery. Le Pen’s strong showing just increased the biodiversity a bit. "It’s not me who has become extreme right. It’s the whole of society which has become extreme left," Le Pen told the British magazine The Spectator. This made a big splash in […]

Thomas Pavel: "Whether or not young women will one day be allowed to wear the veil in school, Islam in France is here to stay. Integration, however, doesn’t occur by itself. By depressing the economy and thus the demand for labor, the policies of the current government make it harder for immigrants to find work. […]

Mark Steyn: "The presidential election was meant to be a contest between the supposedly conservative Chirac and his supposedly socialist Prime Minister, Lionel Jospin. In practice, this boils down to a candidate who’s left of right of left of centre, and a candidate who’s right of left of right of left of centre. Chirac and […]

John Lichfield: "What is extraordinary

Google’s Gaffe

In: web services

26 Apr 2002

Paul Prescod: "[A] Google API based on XML, HTTP and URIs can be simpler to use, more efficient, and more powerful. […] When Google exposes its service through SOAP, it is behind the Web because the object with the web URI is the SOAP component ("endpoint"), not the actual query results. I need to go […]

BBC: "Mr Chirac however insisted that his decision was a principled one." It still took him two days to come at such a conclusion, while his spokewoman Roselyne Bachelot said on Sunday night he "of course" would accept a TV debate. The backpedaling started yesterday, when Chirac’s crew members said he was the one to […]

ResearchBuzz: Date-Based Searching: "Google didn’t completely not-document the daterange: syntax. They just put it in their API documentation and not on their Web site. But it works just fine from the Web-based interface. On the other hand you can do some fun stuff with it using the Google API too. The syntax is daterange:xx-xx , […]

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