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"TeaLeaf IntegriTea is a Web application management solution that: Captures every real user session

This in Slate and Mark Steyn stroke again: "If an election with only one viable candidate, no debate, a biased media, a blind eye to corruption, and public demonstrations with bused-in schoolchildren "strengthens" your democracy, then I’m moving to Zimbabwe."

Jon Udell compares the channelrolls (lists of RSS subscriptions) of different people (including yours truly). 31/05/02 update: some follow-up.

InformationWeek: "A growing number of companies are taking advantage of Web services, and some early examples demonstrate the technology’s potential in real-world terms. Here are profiles of how five companies are putting Web services to work, what benefits they’re gaining–and what’s holding them back from doing more." Update: I sent this link to someone I […]

Here come two articles on different faces of the blogosphere and how it’s evolving before our eyes. I must disclose I talked with both authors before publication, so linking to these is probably somehow an attempt at self-reinforcing relevancy. 05/29/02 update: writing about blogs is still a sure shot at blogdex fame! (it worked for […]

Nick Denton: "I don’t know what’s happening to me. I’ve always loved the US. The history, the Federalist Papers, science fiction, Hollywood, quirky independent movies, Central Park, bagels, the familiarity of the Upper West Side, the West Wing, the New York Times on a Sunday, New York, all the more after September 11th, drinking places […]

CNet: EU probes Microsoft over privacy law: "The European Union’s executive arm announced its investigation into Microsoft’s free .Net Passport service in a written response to a question from Erik Meijer, a Dutch member of the European Parliament. […] Meijer had raised questions about .Net Passport service, which is designed to collect personal information from […]

"Metalinker takes a very simple approach – every time you put a link into your website, metalinker uses javascript to add a link to the page on blogdex that lists other people talking who have mentioned that link. And so with just a couple of mouse-clicks people reading your site can read a webful of […]

Computerworld: "Viewing wireless LANs as a mission-critical infrastructure for its manufacturing operations, General Motors Corp. by year’s end will have installed them in all 25 of its North American assembly plants. GM will initially use the massive in-plant wireless LAN infrastructure to track materials and replenish parts at stations on its assembly lines. But once […]

I’m a bit surprised to see Mobular pointing to a my post in their "in the news" page. IMLogic used to but I’m not mentioned on their new site anymore. Seems blogs are starting to get recognition from corporations as sources of influence.

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