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Jon Schull attempts to map a conversation thread spread among several blogs. 03/17/03 update: Towards structured blogging. 05/21/03 update: Dynamics of a Blogosphere Story. 04/16/04 update: Sharpreader – Threaded RSS. 11/20/04 update: Technorati vote links… an idea. 11/28/04 update: Re: Conversation Category. 03/31/05 update: How Our Blog Travels Through The Blogosphere. 02/07/06 update: coComment.

With the news that Xerox will have to restate past earnings (update: triple that number), the official accounting cleansing season has opened. Expect more companies to acknowledge they let run doubtful account receivables beyond reason, from extending too many risky vendor loans to customers, to lengthening payment terms ad infinitum, to recognizing orders that weren’t […]

Death of Confidence

In: politics

27 Jun 2002

Joshua Allen: "[T]here is another correction which is long overdue, and which should be triggered by these scandals. Unfortunately, I am afraid that the necessary correction is being overlooked by the press, since it involves their own ranks. Why is nobody asking the question, "why didn’t the press tell us about all of this fraud […]

John Hiler points to As the Worldcom Turns, the latest example of a temporal (and topical) blog. Crisis management would be a great application of this for companies that face great difficulties (it’s a little too late for Worldcom, but TotalFinaElf might think about it next time one of their ships ruins a coastal line).

Fox News: "In its 2-1 decision, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a 1954 act of Congress that inserted the phrase "under God" after the phrase "one nation" in the pledge." If this could hold on a federal level, the US would look a lot more like a civilized (i.e. secular, in my […]

I just saw a text ad in this article (it might not be here anymore due to rotation): "Sponsor Spot: Your customers use Google throughout the buying cycle. Advertise on Google and stay with them all the way. Google does 1/3 of all searches, with more than 10 billion B2B searches a year and keyword-targeted […]

CNet: "Yahoo said Tuesday that it is shutting down several broadcast services, including its financial news program FinanceVision and Yahoo Radio. […] "FinanceVision was advertising-driven, and that model ceased to be enough to support (it)," Sohn said. "The proposition to provide video broadcasting was a very different proposition than hosting Web pages with text." [said […]

Business Plan Archive: "The Internet boom and bust of 1996 to 2002 was the most important business phenomenon of the past several decades. In the wake of this historic period, we have an unprecedented opportunity to learn from our past mistakes and successes. To help us learn from history, we are creating the Business Plan […]

Kevin Werbach: "Mature e-tailers like Amazon and eBay are more than just online storefronts — they’re also software platforms. […] Platform vendors thrive by putting themselves at the center of an ecosystem, offering core functions and integration hooks for other products to exploit. In much the same way, the best e-commerce companies are licensing their […]

5K award entries

In: fun

25 Jun 2002

Great entries as usual, from Wolfenstein 5K to this awesome animation box. This one looks like an old Amiga intro. The people who do this are just amazing. There are some Java and Flash apps besides the usual javascript pages.

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