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AuctionInsights: " is an Auction Sniper — it automatically places your bid at the exact time you specify. This means you win more auctions at much better prices. You simply set your Maximum Bid, Quantity to Purchase, and the Timing of the Bid. Once a bid is scheduled, you no longer have to worry about […]

CNet: "The Electronic Frontier Foundation is spreading the word about Internet service providers likely to go easy on people who share their wireless access." That’s the way to do it babe, I like it, uh uh uh uh. (damn, can’t find that song, I’m probably getting the lyrics wrong. I want to be able to […]

WSJ: "In a campaign set to start Thursday, the U.S. arm of Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ltd. will take "guerrilla" marketing to a new level. Its goal: to get consumers to pay attention to the new T68i, a mobile phone that can double as a digital camera. In one initiative, dubbed Fake Tourist, 60 trained […]

Now that’s dedication! (via MeFi).

Tim O’Reilly: "From book sales, of course, we know that OS X is considerably hotter than Windows XP." I usually dig what O’Reilly is writing, but here he should drop the crack pipe. Book sales reveal trends about books, and maybe the economy at large, but not operating systems. Case in point, after all these […]

IBM developerWorks: "Our research shows that there are seven gotchas of Web services architecture as it exists today. They are: Security/privacy Messaging/routing Quality-of-service/reliability Transaction processing Management Performance Interoperability"

The EBay Way

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29 Jul 2002

Robert X. Cringely speculates that eBay might weight as much in the economy as Wal-mart within a decade. That’s a strong statement, but eBay doesn’t fail to impress. Now that the dollar is cheaper against the euro, I’m looking at daily to monitor the price of digital audio and video gear I might want […]

Jon Udell: "[O]n visiting that URL, the blog reported: Instant Search It appears you arrived here from a search engine. Here’s few results from a search of my site for the keywords ‘trackback movable type': July 20, 2002 – MeFi does TrackBack June 27, 2002 – MT TrackBack June 27, 2002 – MovableType 2.2 In […]

David Weinberger: " promises to be your online business networking network and it might be a great service, but I didn’t get past the privacy policy. It begins well and then gets worse and worse" I have to admit I didn’t even read these TOS when I signed up, and I don’t like what David […]

They argue that headings at Fuckedcompany are "confusingly similar" to their trademarks. I’m getting tired of legal arguments built on the assumption that the average consumer has as much common sense and proper judgment as a gnat. And drop the trademark dilution argument, your brands are not sacred cows. The only dilution happening here is […]

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