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I didn’t even know Jaco Pastorius had collaborated with Joni Mitchell, and on several albums at that. I was just listening to Mingus, and thought, ignoramus maximus[*] that I am, who’s that kick-ass fretless player? [*] Look at the Google ads this phrase fetches, we live in wonderful times.

Scott Rosenberg: "The frustrating thing was, there was nothing I could do. "SYSTEM ERROR" was not even listed in the instruction manual’s "troubleshooting guide." I plugged "coolpix 775 system error" into Google and found this depressing list of user complaints on the Reviewcentre site. Seems that this problem is endemic to this camera." I had […]

Anil Dash: "Resting against the edge of a conference table, balanced on the knee of a crossed leg, tossed towards the middle of the table for emphasis, or slowly pushed across the table in a conciliatory gesture of resignation, that legal pad is a prop. […] And the Tablet PC is the first computer to […]

Henry Copeland: "Newly launched Blog Network charges you $3 a month to access its stable of blogs and publish your own. Bloggers get 50% of the take in proportion to their traffic. […] If enough people joined, the math might work. Assuming 1000 bloggers and 9,000 subscribers join, bloggers get to split a pot of […]

Lately, I’ve been thinking of adding more ways to manage interaction with our PCs for multimedia consumption and creation. Here are some items I’m considering buying: ATI Remote Wonder (review) to access DVD, divx and mp3 playback software why not at the keyboard. This could make the act of watching divx movies on the TV […]

Honey to my ears…

In: music

24 Aug 2002

Ah, the fretless bass of Carles Benavent playing along with Paco de Lucia (Right now, I’m listening to Solo Quiero Caminar). If you love rhythm, you gotta love flamenco. Meanwhile, commercial radio could confidently work under a "five nines" SLA. You’ll get 99.999% of crap, guaranteed, or payola-paying record companies will get their money back.

The Weblog Candidate

In: politics

23 Aug 2002

Derek Willis: "[blogging congressional candidate Tara Sue] Grubb may be an excellent person, and I wish her luck in her race. But bloggers are wrong to anoint her the "Weblog Candidate," which demeans the rest of her campaign […] and actually could mark a setback in the use of weblogs in political campaigns."

Clickz: "Private labeling? Syndicating? Reselling? There are different ways of looking at this changing affiliate business space. But the true bottom line to your business and you is this: When you start putting your partners and customers first, then you will truly become successful. Affiliate programs are evolving into ongoing joint ventures. They’re not dead, […]

Glenn Reynolds: "When [R&B singer Sam] Moore applied for his pension, he was told that he had benefits coming to him. What a relief, he thought. Then he got the bad news. AFTRA was all set to pay him a whopping $67 a month. This is the same AFTRA that now boasts a $1.2 billion […]

Venture Reporter: "Paid search listing provider Overture has started advertising its services on rival Google’s website, reports Overture has bought ads on some search terms relating to the word "ad," as well as the names of some of its competitors, such as Looksmart and FindWhat." Excellent! When I saw Google advertise its own system […]

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