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NYT: "But computers have reached a point where for the most common home purposes – Web surfing, e-mail and word processing – they are already more than fast enough to suit a typical home user’s needs. […] Computer and chip manufacturers have long used advances in speed as a central point to sell new computers. […]

Holovaty: "Adaptive Path examines good and bad URL schemes, suggesting Web addresses are "not just a handy way to address network resources. They’re also valuable communication tools." It’s an interesting counterpoint to an IBM article I pointed out 10 days ago, which proclaimed: "Only techie people glean information about the structure of a site by […]

NYT: "Some popular online services are using a new kind of software to divert sales commissions that would otherwise be paid to small online merchants by big sites like Amazon and eToys. […] In many versions of the software, a purchase will look as if it was made through the software maker’s site even if […]

From their Associates message board: "We wanted to let you know that on Monday evening (9/30) we are planning to launch a beta version of Web Services 2.0. We will be following up with more details of this launch next week, including how you can participate in the beta, but right now we just […]

Boxes & Arrows: "This three-part article attempts to add to web designers’ "bag of tricks" by suggesting lessons from bricks-and-mortar malls and stores that can be applied to web design."

If, like me, your only "knowledge" of emergency medicine is through TV fiction, get the point of view of someone real. Though this does sound like ER, as well as this: "Diversion ends up being like dominos. As one hospital diverts the other hospitals struggle to handle the increased patient load. The hospitals then fall […]

GiveIt27, giveit27, giveit27… The room gave up at $26K, then they went to the web bidders, then it went back and forth between the room and a couple web guys. I got disconnected, so I don’t know what’s the final price. Anyway seems there’s still money in this economy! Now it’s a woman handling other […]

Jon Udell: "It strikes me that with namespace support for RSS, an element might be added that would enable aggregators to redirect in such cases. […] I’ve used a client-side redirect (HTTP-EQUIV="refresh") for the home page, but haven’t figured out how to do the same for the RSS channel. If you see a way, please […]

BBC: "A smart alarm clock that will allow you a lie-in or wake you up early depending on traffic conditions has been invented by researchers at Brunel University in southern England. The Rise alarm clock has in-built internet access and can be connected to the web via a normal telephone line." Nice idea found through […]

Sylvain Carle: "This protocol://location/ressource/action?qualifier format is a such a natural fit for internetworked data repository access (whatever the format in the backend), we will wonder in a few years how we could really point directly to a file in the old days instead of a service…"

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