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Rajesh Jain: "[This] the first big opportunity for Linux and the server-centric computing architecture. Convert these older machines into thin clients (TCs). That eliminates the need for upgrades (forever). It saves organisations money both on hardware and on software (Microsoft XP, other new versions). For a start, organisations should see who needs to run only […]

Today at check-out: "Each time you place an order with us, we’ll offer you the chance to participate in the Share the Love program by e-mailing your friends and giving them an additional 10% off the items you bought. (You select which items, of course.) The e-mail we send will explain the discounts and how […]

Infoworld: "The issues of authentication and identity management are particularly thorny with Web services because applications are connecting to multiple other applications across corporate boundaries, [Hitachi’s CTO Bret] Hartman said."

See the blank white vertical space on the left of their search result page? Wouldn’t a vertical skyscraper banner fit nicely here? I don’t think keyword-based ads would make sense in news (as opposed to web and Usenet searches) but I don’t expect Google to have gone philanthropic. There’s always the "premium sponsorship" horizontal "text […]

Once you divide the typical "broadband" cable or DSL bandwidth between two or three family members who use the Internet at the same time, what have you got? That’s right, you’re left with not much more per person than a dial-up single 56K line. Certainly not the order of magnitude faster service we’re being pitched. […]

I’d like to easily know whether some musicians I admire ever collaborated, when I think the combination of their talents would be a good match. Say, did Maceo Parker ever play with Ray Anderson, or Stanley Clarke with Herbie Hancock and Billy Cobham, or what about the five jamming together for chrissakes? If they did, […]

Just saw a huge Circuit City ad on this page. I clicked on it by mistake, and here’s what I get: "We are currently performing scheduled system maintenance Please try again in a few minutes." Here’s my proposal: have a simple web service that says whether your site is up or not, and require […]

OK, it’s been three weeks already, but I hadn’t seen it. Monsur explains that "Bloglet’s RSS support only fully extends to RSS feeds that support item-level dates. This means your RSS feed needs the pubDate or dc:date tag (if it doesn’t, all the posts in your RSS feed will be sent, which may or may […]

I’ve been running SpamNet for a few weeks now. It caught 3,827 spams out of 6,029 emails. I just discovered it has a whitelist of addresses it shouldn’t consider as spam (so at not to accidentally list friends as spammers), but its implementation couldn’t be cruder. You have to manually type each address you want […]

The shortcut buttons on the left – the main reason I bought the keyboard – seem quite handy, though it remains to be seen how much I use them. The very fast task switching is cool (unlike Alt-Tab, there’s no preview), as are the Cancel and Redo keys. My old Natural Keyboard started to show […]

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