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A PVR you can do video editing with, now that’s nice.

Left-wing absolutism

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27 Oct 2002

Nick Denton: "I finally understand why the Left has failed over the last two decades. It has stopped trying to persuade. […] For the Left, or at least for my debating partner tonight, even the acknowledgment that people are self-interested is a fatal concession to the conservative worldview. For them, better the purity of an […]

Adrian Holovaty: "[H]ere’s my philosophy on exactly what titles on news sites should accomplish: A good news article page title succinctly explains the page’s content — and how that content fits into the big picture of the site." "The government says the law, which stems from European Union directives, aims to encourage online commerce by making the Internet a safer place to do business. It wants companies operating on the Internet to be subject to the same tax and commerce laws as traditional firms. But opponents say Spain has gone far beyond […]

John Robb: "Billions are being poured into the FBI and other governmental organizations and they can’t even get the basics right. […] This can be corrected very easily. Give every agent a laptop (shoot, they gave every student in Maine a laptop for Christ’s sake!). Put a weblogging tool on that laptop. Require that they […]

Holovaty: "Googlism uses Google to give you one-sentence answers on "who," "what," "where" or "when" a particular term is. Most of it is silly. For example, a "who" search for "Paul McCartney" results in a wacky list of descriptions ranging from "paul mccartney is a great musician" to "paul mccartney is a futile gesture." Whatever […]

Imagine if Cocteau Twins had drifted into pseudo-Arabian operatic Doom Metal, with a taste for disruption inherited from Primus or The Fatima Mansions. Just the thought of Elizabeth Fraser headbanging cracks me up. Well, that’s about how Terrestrials, Atrox’ latest album, sounds. In other words, sometimes irritating and maybe not entirely genuine, but still strange […]


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24 Oct 2002

Our daughter Elo

CNet: "Absent from Google’s French and German listings are Web sites that are anti-Semitic, pro-Nazi, or related to white supremacy, according to a new report from Harvard University’s Berkman Center. Also banned is, a fundamentalist Christian site that is adamantly opposed to abortion." If you, like me, live in a thought police State such […]

They now require you to quickly profile yourself before you can read their articles. For a start, the implementation is botched because the site will time out if you try to access it with cookies blocked (many sites don’t know how to properly handle cookie-blocking browsers.) Well, I tried my usual profile, an Afghan woman […]

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