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Glenn Fleishman: "So what I’ve been told is that it’s considered incredibly bourgeois to offer good service. It’s a lessening of oneself to be subservient in that fashion. This may be an interaction of culture problem, as the best service I receive in the States is service of equals: it’s a salesperson or server who […]

O’Reilly: "One of the off-the-cuff observations I made in the variant of my talk Watching the Alpha Geeks that I delivered at the O’Reilly Mac OS X Conference was that the iApps represent a new kind of productivity application. [...] Apple knows that the new frontier of productivity is not a new spreadsheet, word processor, […]

Look at this CBS Marketwatch article. All the options attached to company names (BUD: news, chart, profile) are (ARSE: news, chart, profile) overwhelming (OVER: news, chart, profile) and come in the way of readability. How about showing the links as a menu when the user hovers the mouse cursor on hotlinked names? Or putting some […]

Infoworld: "Peer-to-peer is becoming a foundation technology, weaving its strengths — including flexibility and better utilization of existing resources — into the enterprise technology fabric. The challenge lies in shedding the stigma still attached to the p-to-p name and carving out a foothold in the business world."

Patrick Hurley, Salon: "What is laughable is that anybody would listen or care what an analyst from Jupiter would have to say. Jupiter and its brethren were the ones that essentially predicted everything incorrectly as it pertained to the Internet. [...] A good strategy would be to find out what Jupiter is suggesting and do […]

Sandy & Dave’s Report: "While Smart Displays can handle most PC applications, they can’t handle wireless video. Video is not currently supported by the remote desktop protocol (RDP) which provides the link from the PC to the remote display." So that’s why. I discovered it the hard way, when I tried to use Adobe Premiere […]

"But if you want to insert a DVD in your PC and watch it on the TV, the PRISMIQ system doesn’t let you do it. It’s not that Prismiq overlooked the capability. Rather it’s because the encryption mechanism on copyrighted DVDs prevents you from transferring digital information from the PC to another device over a […]

Newsweek: "As long as the government is more interested in shuffling the jobless between useless projects and playing with the numbers instead of tackling real labor market reform, it will be a long time before Germany is working again. Absurd laws such as those passed last week only feed the vicious cycle, in which ever […]

Sweet Dreams

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21 Nov 2002

Context Mag: "Accor, which runs economy and midmarket hotels, generated $90 million of revenue through online bookings in 2001, double its online revenue in 2000. Online sales so far this year are running at 3 1/2 times last year

See how they vote

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20 Nov 2002

Stephen Dulaney: "YahooMegaVote an email subscription service where you provide your zip code and the service returns an email with the names of your representatives in Washington and how they voted on the recent bills." The level of transparency in US politics keeps defying the mind of the continental European I can’t escape being.

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