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Feels Very Good to Me

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28 Dec 2002

Today’s Jazz Rock recommendation is Bill Bruford’s Feels Good to Me. With Holdsworth on guitar and Berlin on bass, it’s great music to count to. I realize the last sentence probably doesn’t mean anything if you don’t play any musical instruments. Let me try to explain. There’s so much happening I feel compelled to count […]

There’s speculation in a few places that Google might want to allow web sites to ping it when they’re updated. Yes, that would make sense. What would be even more sense is for Google to make us pay for the service. Inclusion in the monthly index would still be free, but if you need real-time […]

JD Lasica: "Last week I marveled at the ability of Google Images to connect people in the photographic community around the globe. Gareth Brown, head of Blow Up Studios in Wanchai, China, spotted my photo of sheep on Google Images and asked to use it in a local ad campaign in Hong Kong. There’s a […]

Line56: "We’ve recently discussed how customers have forcibly migrated business-dependent supply bases to electronic data interchange (EDI) via newer, cheaper and more efficient mechanisms with impressive results. Oddly enough, the same thing might be happening with the fax. It may be a near-term fix on a path to better technology, but many companies are well […]

I wonder if they had already decided what to do with it at that time. Broogle or Croogle are available, if you’re in the market for silly names.

Glenn Reynolds: "Like the armored knights of the Middle Ages, [Big Media people’s] position has been a function not of their own inherent virtues, but of a particular economic and technological confluence that is now passing away. And I believe that much of what’s being marketed as "digital rights management" to prevent "stealing" of big-media […]

Google Usenet subdirectories could be improved. Except for the "Activity" greenbars (which happen to be misleading or at least not very accurate), there’s not much you know about these groups from this list, meaning you need to click on each group to know what’s inside. The fake screenshot below displays to easy additions to make […]

Donald Sensing: "I oppose licensing and basic government control because — am I getting the message through here? — I AM SOVEREIGN in America, not the government, and I do not permit the government to regulate my sovereignty." Just bumped into this good rant about firearms. I have yet to find someone opposed to individual […]

The main difference between Google Labs’ implementation and previous attempts

Downloads by nodes

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10 Dec 2002

Infoworld: "Kontiki DMS 2.0 injects servers into the grid to manage and secure traffic. The servers watch grid nodes and try to arrange the best available connection based on each machine’s CPU and network load. Every file transfer request queries the DMS directory server to identify the node or nodes best equipped to serve the […]

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