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Why don’t these record companies which supposedly "do it all for the promotion of art" provide MIDI files along with records? Why don’t they promote learning, and provide more value to justify their high prices? Hmm. MIDI file, what’s a MIDI file, how do you market that through MTV and Clear Channel? Why don’t they […]

Listening to Frozen Alive!, a, ’81 concert by Albert Collins and his band, I just noticed he had a good funky sounding bass player playing along (check out the closing track, "Cold Cuts.") A couple of queries later, I know he’s named Johnny B. Gayden, apparently "the singularly most recorded blues bassist in the world […]

David Galbraith: "Overture could become the Inktomi of paid search, beholden to those who own the destination sites, the majority of its revenues come from two partners, one of them being Yahoo. It proved the business model for search, its revenues are impressive and its $1.3 billion valuation quite an achievement, but the business model […]

…is what might help IP devices dedicated to a single feature (say, phone handsets) position themselves successfully versus full-blown PCs. The thought occured to me while I was reading this thread. Setting up and maintaining even a basic firewall with port forwarding is a hassle, as some applications require huge or dynamic IP ranges that […]

Marc Canter: "I smell a trend here. Anybody who has broadband probably has a second or third PC – and the logic then follows that they probably have them hooked up together – to share their broadband access – which means they have a Home LAN. While we’re at it – they also probably have […]

DSL Reports: "Australia recently claimed they were getting the short end of the stick in regards to global peering arrangements. America Online and Cogent Communications have also been feuding over the topic, Cogent recently upgrading its fabric with AOL by consolidating several OC-3 and OC-12 connections into eight OC-48s. But apparently a new peering policy […]

Why this modest blog (not updated in several days, I was enjoying a snowboarding extended weekend) would suddenly deserve a PageRank of 8, I have no idea. Other web sites I’m involved in just climbed up the scale. Maybe the rating scale has changed? I didn’t catch up on all my RSS backlog yet, so […]

Tweakheadz has a nice post-NAMM wrap-up. Lots of stuff: Cakewalk Project 5 (March release), an AKAI soft sampler (that will of course read their library CD-ROMs), Reaktor 4, and new Firewire gear. There’s also a NAMM special at SonicState.

Phil Wainewright: "Yes, the way to resolve the IT development bottleneck is to throw more money at it. Imagine the anarchy that would result if users could actually get more out of IT without having to patiently wait in line for scarce development resources. Next thing you know, people will be wanting to access external […]

InternetNews: "Microsoft Tuesday said it has signed an agreement to acquire hosted Web conferencing software firm PlaceWare for an undisclosed amount. […] Microsoft also today announced the creation of a new business unit — the Real Time Collaboration Group — within the information worker business. PlaceWare also will become part of this group. Anoop Gupta, […]

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