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Looking at the three pictures of Marines in the side bar of this article (especially the picture at the bottom), these soldiers seem crammed very close to each other for a position taken in broad daylight nearby a road. Keeping proper distances between foot soldiers is key to their security (you still want to be […]

How surprising to see the same old extreme leftists (I saw CNT black and red flags again, like in April last year) demonstrating against the "imperialistic war." Thanks for protecting the right of the Iraqi people to be tortured and oppressed without foreign interference. That’s the kind of "peace" the left is notoriously rooting for. […]

From this job description for a temporary Business Development Researcher: "Research targeted 1,000+ website list. Research contact info of websites and send standardized email to targeted webmasters. Set up and follow up on phone calls with Contractors / BusDvp / TechTeam as necessary. […] 2-4 month temporary position." So this campagin should hit targeted websites […]

ODP Blog: "Google, who is arguably our most widely-known data user, has updated its Web Directory. This means that all new sites added since the last update in September will now show up, both in the web directory itself and in searches. Normally updates happen more frequently, however database problems at the ODP side have […]

Why isn’t the so-smart-we-don’t-need-human-editors Google News creating a "War in Irak" top category on the fly?

Jeff Chan: "Unlike Amazon, eBay is not an innovative company. Amazon has constantly improved the shopping experience by introducing useful features like collaborative filtering, personalization, book browsing, and web services. eBay, on the other hand, appears to be coasting on its monopoly position, and not too smoothly either. The reputation system is not robust. There […]

Jason quotes (apparently approvingly) a site that pontificates over French school menus and how they’re so superior to what’s served to children in America. Well, those menus sure sound impressive, but if you knew Montigny le Bretonneux for the drab suburb it is (though neighbor city Trappes is quite worse), you wouldn’t base too much […]

David Galbraith: "Google have the expertise to develop a concept based approach, possibly using intellectual property gained through their acquisition of Outride, but they certainly need to get their act together here or text ads advertising Hummers from aren’t going to be that impressive. This is particularly important when you consider the following: "While […]

ZDNet: "Microsoft on Monday said it will partner with Comverse Technology to offer voicemail message notification technology through its .Net Alerts service, another deal to bolster the software giant’s mobile communications push."

Tony Perkins, owner of AlwaysOn, displays the kind of arrogance we would find irritating from a winner, but given Red Herring’s track record, it’s downright laughable. Maybe Henry (disclosure: a friend and client of mine) was wrong in his assessment of AlwaysOn, and Perkins was perfectly entitled to chime in, but his tone is simply […]

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