29 Apr

Is There a MovableType Plugin to Sort Posts by Popularity?

I’ve looked at a couple lists and directories about MT Plugins – a topic I’m just getting interested in – but couldn’t find one that lets you rank posts by popularity, based on referrer stats.
Update: thanks a lot Phil for the detailed answer (sorry for the broken email link (removed since.)) Our URLs at MarketingFix are title-based too, so the entry ID won’t help, but we’re using PHP so the other solution should work for us. I wonder how well this will scale though. I guess it wouldn’t be reasonable to extend the "most popular" calculation beyond the last few days, at least for sites with significant traffic. I really need to educate myself about MT.

21 Apr

Easy New topics

Sifry’s Alerts:

"Last week, Paolo Valdermarin and Matt Mower released their specification of Easy News Topics 1.0 (ENT), which is designed as an RSS 2.0 module that can add topic and categorization information to an RSS feed. The good news: As a format, ENT is easy to understand, easy for application developers to implement, and pretty easy to parse. Kudos to Matt and Paolo for coming up with a design that is simple but extensible.
Now the bad news: I’m worried about two issues. First is the problem of self-categorization. ENT presupposes that authors can successfully create microcontent with the following properties:
1. It can be placed in one or more categories
2. the author is qualified to categorize the content correctly
3. the author’s categories have meaning to the reader
In addition, we then run into a larger problem with self-categorization, which is the question of categorization across feeds. In other words, we have a problem of definitions – one person’s rebel is another person’s revolutionary."