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…is Dave Holland’s Prime Directive. Juggler’s Parade for instance sounds exactly like its title implies. I need to investigate other works where drummer Billy Kilson appears.

What is icomic?

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31 May 2003

iComic: "Download your favorite web comics, and browse through them offline. Subscribe to your favorite web comics, then collect the latest strips from them." Nice offline comic micro-browser. Works only on MacOS though. Somehow I see a connection with my previous post…

Here’s confirmation of what we had been suspecting for a while: "Legacy OSes have reached their zenith with the addition of IE 6 SP1. Further improvements to IE will require enhancements to the underlying OS." Atta load of crap. 06/02/03 update: Joel on Software: Internet Explorer 7.0. 06/19/04 update: coming back from the grave, with […]

Noise Between Stations has a nice summary if you’re uncomfortable with concepts such as metadata, controlled vocabularies or taxonomies.

Jon Udell: "How do you count subscribers in the RSS network? […] Radio encodes the name/password credentials for these special feeds. As I understand it, this is effectively a group credential shared by all RU users. There’s a relationship between UserLand and the Times, not between individual RU users and the Times. But it’s easy […]

Heiko Hebig has some good real-world observations about mobile Internet access: "There you have a crowd of 150 well-equipped gadget freaks and Internet addicts in Western Europe and none of them even considers to convert to [mobile phone-based] data-traffic for as long as the next WLAN hotspot is not too far away and their lives […]

Henry Copeland: "Even as advertisers struggle to fill the two dimensional media that is steadily inflating with bigger screens, more page impressions, more titles and more audiences, they must also learn to cope with the emergence of a new, third media dimension — the networks of relationships that manufacture our opinions. Thanks to blogs and […]

I don’t know if what port 80 is advocating here is really "next gen," but this is a good wrap-up about why and how to generate clean URLs.

Handy glossary of key financing terms at VentureBlog.

Adam Kalsey: "What you need is a way to make it easy to see which server you are on. Create an include file at the top of each page on the site. On the staging and development servers, the include file consists of a big banner at the top of the page with a colored […]

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