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This application lets you create forms in Visual Studio with a tablet PC or pointing device. I’d love to see such an app work on top of Powerpoint and Visio for rapid but clean-looking visual prototyping with my new Aiptek Hyperpen tablet. The fact is, I can’t draw straight lines but I find early propotyping […]

WebReference: "Sometimes content itself, not presentation or navigation, brings a subtle usability challenge. When page text is unavoidably long and complex, the mass of material can lead to confusion through a loss of context. Dense legal or technical documents are prone to this problem. One way to manage such text is to expose just what’s […]

This is Intolerable!

In: software

26 Jun 2003

It’s an absolute abuse of power that the new Google toolbar doesn’t let you post to Radio Userland. It’s so unfair. Ok, I’m just kidding. That’s actually a good idea to be able to post to Blogger from Google’s toolbar. Business is all about building an unfair advantage. 06/27/03 update: I knew it! Dave Winer’s […]

Yes, we are taking Andy Bourland out of blissful early retirement and back into the action. We had kind of a PR misfire, but it’s not the end of the world and we’ll make do. It’s a fun experiment depending on how you look at it. There’s more to this story than what has been […]

Jon Udell thinks the problem with RSS is PR related, not tech related.

Just a data point.

RSS Promise & Peril

In: web apps

21 Jun 2003

I especially like Tim Bray’s conversation about RSS with "Mr Safe" (aka Reasonable Client). 06/27/03 update: Jon Udell has a meeting with Mr Safe too.

Smart Solutions: "The makers of Groove and SharePoint designed them to address different customer needs, and their resulting architectural differences are more complementary than competitive. Groove was designed to support personally-controlled collaboration in an edge/client-distributed model (with optional enterprise integration), readily supporting secure collaboration among decentralized, dynamic teams. SharePoint primarily is focused on enterprise collaboration […]

Peter Merholz: Emotion in business Mark Hurst: The Most Important User Experience Method.

Geoaffiliate does something I’ve been meaning to add to SciFan, and whether I’ll use that service or end up doing it with another tool, the idea has merit.

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