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ActiveWin: "Cerulean Studios, maker of the Trillian IM client, is at the top of Microsoft’s hit list. Trillian enables users to consolidate multiple IM accounts in one client and is available in a free version, as well as a $25 Pro version that offers additional features. Trillian has been downloaded more than 10 million times, […]

"Scientists have another solution for the notorious "French paradox" – the riddle of how a nation of alcohol-quaffing, croissant-munching gourmands stays healthy and slim, while a disproportionate number of health-obsessed Americans are obese and at cardiovascular risk. The answer, after methodical study of brasseries, eateries, pizza parlours, Chinese restaurants and Hard Rock cafes in both […]

Darwin: Are You Looking in All the Wrong Places? "IDEO has recently recognized the full potential of its network position. By moving among so many small worlds, it has acquired more than just a lot of good objects and ideas. IDEO has also acquired links to a range of vendors, suppliers and manufacturers that are […]

John Robb: "Adobe’s Photoshop Picture Album has many of the great features of Apple’s iphoto plus an innovative timeline/calendar-based organizational system [...] If connected to a personal publishing system (weblog tool), it would make building high quality online picture albums a breeze (so much easier than it could ever be through a Web browser). It […]

Tim Bray lists a selection of email clients for you in case you want to be teleported seven years ago (cool, I’ll long then short the bubble and will become a gazillionaire!), when you needed separate applications to handle tasks that are obviously related to each other. Outlook is a market leader because it’s leaps […]

Before my Excel spreadsheet bursts at the hinges, I’d like to start using an online system to keep track of bugs and feature requests. I’ve been doing some research and got helpful advice from Tim Appnel. So far, I’m interested in FogBUGZ, Bugzilla and JIRA, though there are of course plenty other possibilities. I want […]

What is Kubi?

In: software|team work

20 Aug 2003

Kubi is a collaborative application that sits on top of Outlook and Notes and lets you build a comprehensive view of messages, files, contacts and tasks by project, which looks neat.

pixelcharmer: Faceted Classification in MT using regexps. Our taxonomy at MarketingWonk is hierarchized by hand and that structure is not reflected on the site except in our navbar, which is crude at best. I’ll eventually handle that more gracefully, but it’s not a huge priority, and it looks like hard and long work!

Infoworld: "Users have to upgrade to the latest versions of MSN or Windows Messenger by Oct. 15 or they will no longer be able to log on, Microsoft spokesman Sean Sundwall said. [...] Besides those older Messenger clients, the move also affects IM software such as Trillian, Imici and Odigo that allow users to consolidate […]

Brent Simmons: False dichotomy "The thing to remember is that the distinction between aggregator types isn’t between mail-reader style and weblog-style, it’s between GUI apps and browser-based apps." Brent is trying to bring his former boss to his senses. Good luck. I’ve been using Radio as an aggregator since it included that feature, but after […]

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