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Matt Haughey has a screenshot and it makes a lot of sense. Or you can wait till Longhorn’s release in 200? to have browser-based RSS support (snort). Could Newsgator use Outlook’s sidepane to achieve the same result? You would turn Auto-preview on to get the first line of each entry based on the RSS feed, […]

AuctionBytes: eBay Tinkers with a Delicate Feedback System "Beginning February 9th, eBay will be adding a new "Mutual Feedback Withdrawal" policy, which has some users wondering about the usefulness of eBay’s feedback system, which is already widely criticized. The policy enables two trading partners, who have already agreed, to withdraw their feedback. Withdrawn feedback will […]

DevX: Introducing ASP.NET 2.0 Master Pages "ASP.NET 2.0 introduces a new concept known as Master Pages, in which you create a common base master file that provides a consistent layout for multiple pages in your application. To create a Master Page, you identify common appearance and behavior factors for the pages in your application, and […]

Signal vs. Noise: Design on the Clock "The Seattle Post-Intelligencer launched an innovative home page redesign today. The layout changes based on the time of day. They have an afternoon layout ("more links to material that might provoke a smile"), a 4-o

IDG: MySQL develops new graphical admin tool "Previously, the vendor provided command-line interface administration tools for its database, which are less intuitive and harder to use than the new graphical MySQL Administrator console, said Zack Urlocker, MySQL’s marketing vice president. […] MySQL Administrator provides all the capabilities of the old command-line tools and adds new […]

ResearchBuzz: Yahoo Announces Yahoo Labs "Yahoo on Monday announced Yahoo Research Labs at, describing it as " a research organization focused on inventing new technologies and solutions relevant to strategic Yahoo! businesses. The group will pursue a portfolio of topics that include pay for performance search, web search, vertical businesses and platform technologies." […] […]

There’s this weird kind of music which you don’t really know whether it’s deep and magnificent or just vain and pretentious. Challenge your ears a little bit and find out what you think: Anders Johansson – Red Shift Meredith Monk – Mercy Godspeed You Black Emperor! – F# A# (Infinity) The beauty with music is […]

Deborah Christie: Annual Website Maintenance Checklist Since I’m currently writing a bunch of procedures, this reminds me I’ll need to do these cleaning tasks on a formal basis at some point. A good site is supposed to more or less maintain itself or at least monitor itself and warn you about problems, but we’re not […]

Pervasive Computing News: Analyst Best Practices #2: Project Management "Be wary of projects where you can

InformationWeek: Web Power: More Interaction Equals More Value "Paint manufacturer Behr Process Corp. saw an opportunity to use technology to make paint shopping online and in stores a whole lot easier for consumers. The company also wanted to offer highly interactive capabilities such as very quickly making slight changes of color or finding coordinating shades […]

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