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In the light this BusinessWeek article published 2 1/2 years ago, it’s impressive (if a bit premature) to see Google’s founders now touted as billionaires in Forbes. Back in October 2001, Google ads were not syndicated on other sites, it was not even clear whether ads or intranet search appliances would fuel the company’s growth, […]

I’m going to change hosts for SciFan as Interland is a bunch of braindead wazoos. Ok, I’m paying less than $50 a month and we’re talking about commodity shared hosting, but still, consider this to explain my use of profanity: When they lower their prices on their site, it’s only for new business, not for […]

CNet: "Paul Ryan, the former chief technology officer at Overture Services, was hired at MSN on Oct. 20, 2003, just weeks after Yahoo finalized its $1.63 billion acquisition of the commercial search pioneer. Ryan’s appointment as general manager in charge of “the monetization of MSN Search,” according to Microsoft, was seen as a coup in […]

FeedBurner, done by the people behind the much-missed SpyOnIt, applies a bunch of transformation to RSS and Atom feeds. Here’s my trackable Atom feed. (Yes, I’m actually proud of the bad pun in this post’s headline.) 05/04/05 update: FeedBurner Fully Financed For Future Feed Formatting Fun.

Erik Benson: "talkr will be a distributed identity system that ties Movable Type to Flickr’s authentication service via an MT plugin, and allows people to comment on talkr-enabled blogs through their Flickr account [...] This will allow you to maintain your identity in one place, while also enabling a couple much dreamed-about features such as: […]

After quickly reading through Search Beyond Google, I wonder whether any search engine looks at subsequent queries within the same web browsing session to see whether you’re trying to refine the same core search because your first attempts failed. This could be done for instance to give more weight to new keywords added, or or […]

InformationWeek: "At peak workloads, the U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection’s database processes 51,448 transactions per second, nearly twice its peak of 26,655 TPS in 2001. It has the distinction of being the hardest-working transactional database in the world, according to survey results released earlier this month. Experian Marketing Services Inc. has the busiest […]

Lauri Giesen, Banking Strategies: "The eroding differentiation provided by online banking raises some challenging issues. Should providers redouble efforts to promote online bill pay and presentment in order to achieve the retention payoffs that this linkage seems to deliver? [...] The other choice is to simply accept that online banking is a channel, like all […]

Bob Wyman: "While TrackBack is a useful tool, it isn’t used as much as many people would like. For TrackBack to be used, it must be supported by the blog that you’re “TrackingBack” to. It is also necessary that your blogging tool support TrackBack or that the other blog offers some form of “manual” TrackBack. […]

FetchLinks, a Newsgator plugin, retrieves web pages within Outlook for those RSS feeds that contain a link but no description. I’m subscribed to a bunch of NewsIsFree feeds for which it proves to be very convenient. The plugin has just been updated so that you can choose whether you want to use it (as opposed […]

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