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Gary is the guy [*]. See what he listed in March. Among others, this patent was granted to Microsoft: Retrieval of relevant information categories. [*] A previous version of this post mistakenly attributed this to Tara Calishain, sorry about the confusion. Both Gary and Tara are great!

Considering the lame redesign and new "features" (they removed the tabs, are testing a personalization scheme that no normal human being will bother activating, and a did couple other insignificant changes — if it was anybody else nobody would even notice), it looks like Google might want to compete as a platform (for online search) […]

Here’s an interesting Flash app that maps news to rectangles of various sizes, a la Smartmoney. It’s not very legible even at 1600*1200, but that’s a limitation of the treemap format anyway. It’s fun to see the local obsessions in each country, but syndication of news agency articles hugely distorts the whole picture (which is […]

I’ve already highly recommended B

Matt Jones about Technorati (I posted a comment a few days ago) Michael Sippey on Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz David Wertheimer on home page organization

Directions Mag: "All MapQuest Advantage Enterprise and API customers can use custom SQL WHERE clauses to limit database queries. Use database connectivity to: Find and/or display locations within a specified radius. Find and/or display locations within a specified rectangle. Find and/or display locations within a specified polygon. Find and/or display locations around a path, such […]

Yahoo and Kelkoo: "today announced they have signed a definitive agreement under which Yahoo! will acquire Kelkoo. Under the terms of the agreement, Yahoo! will acquire up to 100 percent of the share capital of Kelkoo for an aggregate cash purchase price of approximately EUR 475 million, subject to certain adjustments." I can’t believe Yahoo […]

CIO Today: "The following are expected to be rolled out in the coming quarters: Microsoft CRM Pocket PC Great Plains 8.0 Microsoft Business Portal 2.5 Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision 4.0 Solomon 6.0 Microsoft Business Solutions-Axapta Analytics-FRx 6.7 " Wow, that’s quite a roadmap. I never even heard of some of these products. I left Microsoft almost […]

Engadget: "[I]n those frenzied conveyor-belt sushi restaurants of downtown Tokyo they

Here’s a press release I missed last week: "As part of the new AOL Bill Pay service, members can set up AOL Alerts & Reminders to keep track of activity on registered credit cards and bank accounts and alert them to large transactions or unauthorized activity on those accounts." AOL Bill Pay is "more than […]

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