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MT3 perspective

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30 Apr 2004

Tim Appnel, one of the developers most familiar with Movable Type, provides some interesting perspective about MT 3 (Tim helped us architect and develop some of the things done at MarketingVox, where by the way I’m not active on a day-to-day basis anymore): "Perhaps 3.0 isn’t deserving of the dot 0 label, but I could […]


Wired blogs about Tony Fadell, the guy who apparently created the iPod (his exact contribution is unclear). He also designed the Philips Nino, one of the first Windows CE PDAs. I had one of those back in 1998, not a bad PDA but compared to Palms it was a brick, and when its battery connection […]

David Temkin (Laszlo’s CTO), inspired by Gmail, writes: "It’s interesting to think of RIAs [Rich Internet Applications]as belonging to three different categories, each analogous to an operating system: Unix-style RIA: Gmail is a great example of this. It’s essentially text-only, with keyboard equivalents. It’s reminiscent of Pine or vi, particularly with regard to how keyboard […]

According to a credible reviewer of the Garmin eMap Deluxe GPS (scroll some, Amazon doesn’t have permalinks at the individual review level), this device doesn’t work well in Europe. Does anyone have to recommend something similar in price and features that wouldn’t be as US-centric? Speaking of Amazon reviews, are spotlight reviews new? Can you […]

If you still think the web is always going to be a bunch of HTML pages read with a browser, or that the next web is a bunch of XML files read by a newsreader, think again and read Miguel de Icaza’s post about Longhorn to understand what’s at stake. Sure, this will really impact […]

Check out Radiohead’s “Paranoid Android” performed (mp3) by the University of Massachusetts’ drumline. Via Drumblog.

We learn on John Buckman’s blog that the RIAA bases its propaganda on sales-in data (to the channel) rather than sales-out (to end customers). Which makes sense since they’re in the forcefeeding-down-your-throat-with-threats business rather than please-buy-me-I’ll-be-nice-to-you business. Who cares about the end customer (or rather, the consumer, a word which literally means we’re meant to […]

With this post and thread, Anil proves that a) he’s read exclusively by freaks, and b) there’s a market for a 12-step program to get people out of the habit of making complex but useless spreadsheets. Hi, my name is Olivier and I’m addicted to making useless spreadsheets.

After feeding it for a couple of weeks, Rick just launched the appropriately named It’s so good that I’m listed in it!

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