What GPS for Europe?

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25 Apr 2004

According to a credible reviewer of the Garmin eMap Deluxe GPS (scroll some, Amazon doesn’t have permalinks at the individual review level), this device doesn’t work well in Europe. Does anyone have to recommend something similar in price and features that wouldn’t be as US-centric?
Speaking of Amazon reviews, are spotlight reviews new? Can you retrieve them separately from the others through AWS? It makes sense to filter reviews just like you want to moderate down most of any given Slashdot thread.
04/28/04 update: I’m investigating on Usenet (still more useful than the web for many things, at least until web forums will have better URLs or search engines will be smarter at indexing them), it seems the eTrex Vista (extensive review) works rather will this side of the pond. I’d of course buy the device in the US where it’s cheaper, apparently you can’t change the basemap but that wouldn’t be too much of a problem. There are restrictions in terms of matching local grid systems, but that’s not something I need anyway. Now the question is, shouldn’t buy a GPS-enabled PDA instead? I guess they’re not as functional, and the unit I’m really drooling at is the GPS-60C (upgrading rationalization is well underway).
06/15/04 update: to add permalinks to each paragraph on any web page, there’s PurpleSlurple.

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Olivier Travers

April 28th, 2004 at 9:00 am

The reason I’m asking is above all to meta tag photos, so this thread and site are highly relevant:

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