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Dick Costolo: "[E]ven if we can all get along and agree on a common base syndication format and the number of different clients dwindles to a powerful few, the entire syndication space will simultaneously witness a growing sophistication and accompanied level of fragmentation through conflicting namespaces and specialty clients. We are already seeing the emergence […]

Photoshop Album is one of those rare applications that make meta tagging so easy that even "normal people" can use it. Now, let’s say I want to create a taxonomy and share it with other users, is there a way to do it so that a) they don’t need to re-create those tags, and b) […]

Back in the summer of 1993 I was an intern at Microsoft (a couple of years before I got back there for a real job), and I have a vivid recollection of a conversation I had with a product manager. When I expressed my frustration about the product design being process driven by focus groups, […]

One Block Radius is fascinating: "One Block Radius, a project of Brooklyn artists Christina Ray and Dave Mandl [known collaboratively as Glowlab], is an extensive psychogeographic survey of the block where New York’s New Museum of Contemporary Art will build a new 60,000 square foot facility beginning in late 2004. [...] While the block is […]

Ari Paparo just ran into the IT wall while implementing MT to support an intranet project. Here are the features he suggests developers should work on: version Control and archiving (there’s already a plugin for that but I don’t think it works for deleted entries), posting administration, username and password synching (ah, single sign-in!) and […]

The new Google interface to Usenet has Atom feeds for every newsgroup (add /feeds to a group URL) and features membership more prominently, with shortcuts such as favorites groups and bookmarked threads. Some of the display modes work better than others, but where did the ability to sort search results by date rather than (dubious) […]

Chris Pratley worked on MS Word at the time, and tells us Clippy’s story, if not from the very inside (the dreaded assistant wasn’t specific to Word but rather a feature common to several Office apps), at least from close enough. Yes, they were actually thinking, it’s just that not all features end up working […]

A few minutes ago I was getting an error while trying to logon at Orkut. Ain’t it strange that Login.aspx spits out this: "Generated Wed, 05 May 2004 21:15:34 GMT by (squid)" Squid on NT? Well, actually, yes. But isn’t .NET good enough to handle caching? It gets more tricky because apparently Orkut runs […]

Line56: "Huntington Bank’s customers have noticed a welcome service change in the past few months. When they use an ATM or use their cards at a merchant, the resulting change in balance shows up in their online banking accounts in real time. [...] The way in which Hungtington Bank has gotten consistency across its platforms […]

Jason Fried: "We recently added a new feature to Basecamp that people have been asking for since we launched back in February. It’s a simple little feature called comment editing (people have always been able to edit their posts, just not their comments on a post). Yep, now people can edit their comments after they […]

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