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Sandy and Dave’s Broadband report: "[T]he CDDB database now includes nearly 3 million CDs and more than 36 million songs. Each day, users from ninety countries submit about ten thousand new albums to CDDB. In the US, Korea and Japan, Gracenote has editorial staff to “vet” the entries and “lock them down” to prevent modification […]

John R. Durant points to an MSDN article on how to build Office research panes with offline access support. It’s good that Office is finally becoming a decent Intranet client. 06/18/04 update: Blinkx takes the idea behind these search panels and runs with it.

Wow, I just treated myself to two awesome albums. Tritonus by Corvus Corax is German music from the middle ages that sounds like tribal celtic rock, while Ver Tanzt by Black Ox Orkestar is Jewish music from Canada that sounds like traditional music from Central Europe and possibly Turkey. Both are strongly evocative and deeply […]

Joel Spolsky is getting a lot of mileage for his essay, How Microsoft Lost the API War, and it’s deserved because there are a lot of good things in there. For instance, the fact that you (mostly) don’t have an install process to run web apps (or console games for that matter) is definitely something […]

You know how every ad promoting camphones is a variation on this theme: those two supermodels you’ve just met last night want to hook up with you again, and surely from their inviting smiles (alternatively, their stupid giggle) this will surely lead to a torrid threesome within 10 minutes flat. And aren’t you lucky to […]

Here’s the quote where Reuters loses all credibility: "The industry blames the extensive online trade of free music for contributing to a massive slide in recorded music sales. A year ago it launched a multi-pronged effort to promote sanctioned online music stores such as Apple Computer Corp’s iTunes while suing those who share their music […]

You think a meme is going to emerge, or some until-now obscure location or rock band is about to have a burst of popularity. Is there a site where you can bet on such predictions, say, if you think everyone is going to talk about deflation (a good bet to make 18 months ago), or, […]

In an interview with Gary Price: "The beautiful thing about a relational database is that its structure tells you a lot about what is important. Database designers have been brilliant at optimizing databases (both the organization of the information as well as the algorithms) to best exploit this regularity. When you flatten out a database, […]

Webjay: "This is a draft of an API for client programs to manipulate Webjay. It has been implemented at a beta level. It is only a draft, and may change. Comments are requested."

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