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The guy delivers a decent speech at the DNC and now he’s all over the place. Isn’t this sudden excitement sign that the Democratic ticket is desperately boring? It’s just a speech people, it’s not like Obama has invented the cure for cancer. I’m sorry but I’m not excited by people whose major achievements are […]

We learn from CNet that Adam Bosworth will now work at Google, though was he will do there the article doesn’t tell. If he’s been hired to work along similar lines to what he was doing at BEA, that’s quite an interesting move.

Andrew Goodman: "I can attest to having been extremely frustrated doing web searches trying to find things like software, templates, standard documents, and legal agreements to help me grow my business. But when advertisers of such services start to put their little classified ads up next to those keywords, the process gets a lot faster. […]

You can now drag and drop text from another HTML page to the Blogger editing screen, and the hyperlinks will follow along. Very nice. See Christopher Jason Wetherell’s note on the usefulness of WYSIWYG editing in the browser.

The Allmusic beta preview I’ve seen looks nice, though it felt a bit sluggish (the dll-based architecture and long-winded URLs are still there) and there are some bugs left, so I’m not sure the site is really ready for launch today as advertised (search gets me a javascript error, that alone is a showstopper). One […]

A Triumph of Images

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10 Jul 2004

Peggy Noonan: "Before that Mr. Kerry did nothing but boring boilerplate–John Edwards "shares American values"–all that vague stuff. What does that mean? It means someone’s focus group said “they like the word values” But they like it when it has meaning, when it is connected to issues that mean something, not when it’s just some […]

Johnvey Hwang: "There are two distinct components here: an open source Gmail API written for the .NET framework, and a proof of concept Windows application built on top of that API that provides basic remote Gmail functions." Open source, client software, in .NET, connected to Gmail — all in the same sentence? That’s blowing up […]

David Sifry: "And we’re striving to handle the load. But to be perfectly frank, it isn’t easy. We’ve had some bugs and some outages – and for that I am truly sorry. I don’t think the service is fast enough or stable enough. So, stability and fast response time is job #1, over new features […]

Phil Wainewright, after having drifted too far into the "the web is good enough" camp, now gets back to a point of view I find much more easy to agree with: "Jon Udell’s recent column on The Google PC generation made a very strong case for deploying PC horsepower to marshaling data rather than enhancing […]

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