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Tableau Software: A Visual Spreadsheet is an interactive canvas that allows you to explore, analyze and create reports from databases. It lets you display, filter, sort, group, drill-into, calculate and summarize data using a “live” interactive window into your databases.&quot This looks like charts within pivot tables, aka pure porn for data geeks. Tableau, a […]

Socialtext Closes Series A Financing Technorati gets fed VC dollars Joi Ito is an investor in both, as well as in Six Apart. Loic le Meur and Reid Hoffman (of LinkedIn fame) also have a stake in Socialtext and Six Apart. I have a hard time thinking that some if not all of those four […]

Victor Lombardi about a retailer he worked with that implemented "distributed classification": "[T]hey have many thousands of products that need classifying on a regular basis. The products are relatively inexpensive commodities that change often and are sold through stores, a print catalog, and online. All the information about the products, including classification, is managed in […]

Erik leaves (but doesn’t tell where to go/what to do) and Brad joins Six Apart to work on PHP dynamic rendering in MT 3.1, a welcome development I and others have been harping about for a while. There are some things you want to do at rendering time while near-static performance can be achieved […]

Lingo is like Vonage only with better international service. I’m considering switching to it to add a French phone number to our household in order to cut even further into our big Portugal Telecom bill (which is of course already deprived of transatlantic calls thanks to Vonage), and it’s likely a UK number is going […]

Sure, Organizr is great, and the folks at Ludicorp work impressively fast. However, please stop calling it and others like it web applications (I’m not saying its creators do, but others introduce that confusion, starting with Macromedia). This is a Flash application that doesn’t expose its state to its host browser (to the best of […]

The Web Accessibility Toolbar: "has been developed to aid manual examination of web pages for a variety of aspects of accessibility. It consists of a range of functions that: identify components of a web page facilitate the use of 3rd party online applications simulate user experiences provide links to references and additional resources." This is […]

Gianluigi Trovesi’s Around Small Fairy Tales is an eerie fusion of 16th century Italian music and jazz. If you like both genres, you’ll fall under the spell of this sophisticated breeding, which despite the centuries, sounds uncontrived. When the best of Europe and America meet, the result is Western civilization at its best. Here’s hoping […]

James Tauber: "The value of a LinkedIn or is in the aggregation, not using them as an authoring tool or repository for one’s own data. They should focus on competing on the value-add of their aggregation. I don’t see any disadvantage for them in opening up the input mechanism to pull the source information […]

Note: if you’re involved in ecommerce web services, please read till the end as I’m possibly thinking about creating a business around them and I’ll need partners. Ebay just announced upcoming updates to their Java and .Net SDKs and the feature list tells me eBay’s involvement in .Net is for real. Meanwhile, Amazon is still […]

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