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FeedBruner does Amazon web services integration Adam Kalsey joins Pheedo as CTO Bloglines introduces web services, implements them with FeedDemon, NetNewsWire and Blogbot NewsGator Gains Partners to Extend RSS Reach This is all good. However, though I’m not even going to try to predict when we’ll be able to combine all those services using just […]

Rael Dornfest points to the Netscape roots of the new My Yahoo. I can’t believe it took so long to implement the personalized open portal promise of sites such as OnePage or Octopus (at the time based on screen scraping), two companies which in the meantime have disappeared within AskJeeves and Sybase respectively. I wrote […]

Yes, yes, I’ll eventually get to use and integrate it with my weblog. In the meantime, here’s a quickie: speaking of the devil, news and announcements blog Furl acquired by Looksmart Pinder Johal speculates about the tentative Google browser (patent pending Jason Dash, or is it Anil Kottke?), Joe Beda and XUL Moreover […]

Check out what Google and A9 do to each other!

Joseph Smarr: "We announced today that five partners have already signed up to Plaxo-enable their Web sites and applications using our SOAP API: ColSpace, Global Systems, Greenlight Wireless, ModoMail, and Trekmail. This means that our members can access their Plaxo address book, calendar, tasks, and notes from within these services. While we’ve focused so far […]

This long interview with David Neeleman, JetBlue Airways’ founder and CEO, is a refreshing must-read and leaves me wanting to know more about the guy and his company. Here’s what a couple queries fetch: Neeleman on outsourcing and call centers Inc article from March that got lots of linkage BusinessWeek article focused on the challenges […]

Netcraft: "Wall Street firms became motivated buyers of surplus data centers from bankrupt telcos and web hosts. Chapter 11 filings by WorldCom, Exodus, Metromedia Fiber Network and Global Crossing flooded the market with surplus data centers and telecom assets. Financial firms that bought or leased data centers outside New York in the past two years […]

Here’s what Paypal is going to look like. The feature-based lead ("send money", "request money") is replaced by a focus on audiences that gives a prominent place to eBay sellers. Fraud is acknowledged as an issue, both from the seller and buyer perspectives, which makes sense considering all the email phishing going on. It’s good […]

In this thread other people and I ponder the idea of implementing trackbacks back and forth between Flickr and blogs. Post a photo on your blog, ping the relevant Flickr pages. Comment a picture on Flickr, ping the blog pages that embedded it. That way Flickr and the blog are two facets of the same […]

Eweek has a long interview with Marty Abbott, SVP of technology at eBay, who walks us through their online operations. Among other things, he explains how the backend databases evolved over the last five years: "We went from one huge back-end system and four or five very large search databases. Search used to update in […]

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