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Peter Davidson: A Movie Marketing Experiment: "Movie producers need to understand that they are telling a story across multiple formats and distribution channels. The real money is not in the theatrical release but in the DVD sales, Toys, Video games and the set up for future stories. The focus will shift from theatrical release as […]

Scott Guthrie (a Microsoft product unit manager on web platform and tools who got ASP.NET started): Testing ASP.NET 2.0 and Visual Web Developer: "[W]e need to deliver [ot] on the same date on three radically different processor architectures (x86, IA-64, and x64 processor architectures), on 4 different major OS variations (Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows […]

This week I’ve been taking over the blog from my buddies Rick Bruner and Steve Hall who are too busy with respectively a new job and posting like crazy at AdRants. I might take it into a slightly different direction, though I don’t know yet what that is. It’s pretty transparent that the blog’s […]

Mike Rundle: PayPal? More like PayEnemy Nick Denton: Does any web infrastructure actually work? Two reminders that the basics of ecommerce are still quite brittle, especially when payment and identity verification are involved. Paypal still wants to be your pal so make sure to do transactions today to get the usual fees waived.

Dave McClure: "Every time i load up Acrobat Reader to view a PDF file, i might as well go get a cup of coffee — it’s a complete dog, and not at all appropriate for viewing lightweight docs over the web. Then along comes Macromedia FlashPaper, and I’m amazed this product hasn’t already obliterated the […]

Felix Petersen: "To use the API, please drop us a short mail and we will provide you with a developer key and the documentation. Note, that Plazes APIs are for non-commercial use only." What’s the point of using a web API if you can’t make money with it? Isn’t this the best way to guarantee […]

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22 Oct 2004

Infoworld: "Akamai Technologies this week plans to introduce four J2EE-based Web applications that enterprises can deploy quickly without purchasing any hardware or fixed assets. Meanwhile, Speedera Networks next week will launch its FlexComputing service for distributed application hosting and delivery. [...] The J2EE-based applications include Lucene, an open source site search application that allows the […]

The overwhelming commercialization of hip-hop shouldn’t hide the gems from sight, just like a famous Kenny G doesn’t mean jazz is dying. There’s value in popular mediocrity though: you can quickly tell whether someone knows anything about the genre they profess to love (my readers who praise Eminem will recognize themselves and silently shame themselves […]

David Tempkin: With Laszlo’s new business model built on top of an open-source platform, we are now in a position to make the presentation server an optional component of a Laszlo deployment. Sometime over the next few months, we’ll release a build that allows you to compile LZX files on a developer’s machine, and post […]

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