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Some Flickr Stats

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30 Dec 2004

From this Salon article: 176,000+ members 2.2+ million photos growing at the rate of about 30,000 a day 82% of the pictures on the site are publicly available 01/03/05 update: Uploading Mayhem: We feel your pain!: "The number of images uploaded has tripled over the past two days, January 1 and 2 Normally we serve […]

MSDN: "Search for books at using the research service, then include the results returned in your sheet or document, without leaving your Office 2003 application. The sample solution shows you how to implement a custom research service. "

Here’s data sampled from this PDF about Livejournal presented by the Danga team (Lisa and Brad): 100+ servers 5+ million accounts, about half active 50M+ dynamic page views/day The document explains all the steps over five years from one shared server to the current infrastructure, with users spread around database clusters, two proxy/load-balancing layers (at […]

Drew McLellan: "By using JavaScript, a web page can make requests to a web server and get responses in the background. The user stays on the same page, and generally has no idea that script running on the page might be requesting pages (using GET) or sending data (using POST) off to a server behind […]

I’m setting up a Shuttle mini PC for friends. Of course I don’t bother to buy a floppy drive, who needs these things anymore? Well, a freshly bought Windows XP OEM CD ROM, that’s who. You can’t install a third party driver (in this case, a SATA PCI board because I bought the wrong Shuttle […]

Dare Obasanjo: "There is currently no support for any web service APIs for managing ones Space. We are investigating the feasibility of supporting a web service API which enables our users to manage their Space while not having to compromise on security which unfortunately is currently the practice in the blogging world."

What is Phanfare?

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5 Dec 2004

Phanfare: "maintains your ad-free, branding-free, photo albums on the web using its groundbreaking auto-synchronizing Phanfare Photo software. Instead of having to manipulate a slow and clunky web interface, you interact with our zippy local application on your PC. Everything happens quickly and effortlessly, locally, on your computer. In the background, while you work, we keep […]

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