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David Hogue (Macromedia): "For most tasks and steps, there is more to do and show than you can place on the screen at one time, yet all of the information may be necessary at some point. There are several ways to make information visible or available on an as-needed basis and to move among steps

It’s been a while since I last posted pointers to music that got my attention, so here we go: Ruins – Stonehenge: harsh but entertaining prog rock from Japan. Roots Manuva – Run Come Save Me: excellent British hip hop. Carl Hancock Rux – Apothecary RX: I concur with the reference to Gil Scott-Heron; this […]

So the rumors were based on fact. "Some possibilities might include: Generating automatic keyword, ad text, URL, and custom reports Integrating AdWords data with databases, such as inventory systems Developing additional tools and applications to help you manage accounts" Code samples are provided in Java, C#, XML, PHP and Perl, with more emphasis on the […]

It’s not enough that spammers have made my referrer stats completely unusable, Google Desktop also helps them land the top spot in search results too by indexing spam in Outlook (flagged as such by filters mind you). Google Desktop is now gone from my PC. Nice trick to close the uninstall process on a feedback […]

David Temkin: "Another difference between ISVs and Web sites is in the type of developer they employ and the assumptions those developers bring to the table. Rarely do developers at Web companies have experience creating interactive client applications; nearly all of the developers at Web companies are server developers, and the people working on the […]

As recently as 18 months ago it seemed there wasn’t much to handle software product development except either bug databases, generic wikis and intranet platforms, or maybe expensive and (for my purposes) cumbersome enterprise software, which is not what I’m interested about. Now that I’m looking again at this though (we need something to keep […]

BusinessWeek about PriceGrabber: " boasts 16 million unique users, 10.5 million products in its database, and 6,500 merchant clients […] We started what is called SKU association. We basically bundled or associated all these products — they’re identical with each other together. And then we would say: O.K., here are the product results that we […]

I’m not sure how new this is (at least 8-days old), but I just spotted a list of most wished for items at Amazon – in the top right corner, where the Gold Box used to be – that is, "items that were recently added most often to Wish Lists". This will probably become more […]

Dare Obasanjo: "The social problems are straightforward, there is little incentive for competing social software applications to make it easy for people to migrate away from their service. There is no business incentive for Friendster to make it easy to export your social network to Orkut or for eBay to make it easy to export […]

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