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Ajaxing the Rails

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24 Mar 2005

David Heinemeier Hansson: "Rails 0.11.0 is out on the street and I’m especially proud of the Ajax support we’ve been able to include. Instead of trying to soften the blow of doing client-side Javascript libraries as many others are doing, we’ve gone ahead and more or less removed the need for hand-written client-side javascript entirely. […]

Ryan McIntyre: "Given five or six performance doublings since 1995 courtesy of improvements in clock speed, bus speed, architecture changes from 32 to 64 bit, additional cache memory and faster RAM, a conservative estimate would be that today’s single CPU 1-U “pizza box” web server is roughly fifty times faster than last decade’s model. Couple […]

This sounds promising, at least on paper (er, on screen): Want To Buy a Virtual Sword? We Got Next – Part One (Xbox) Myself, I’m wasting hours in World of Warcraft these days – great game when it accepts to work (I’ve got frequent crashes on one PC, and the game just refuses to start […]

Joshua Allen: "On one side, we have the people who believe that WS-* specifications such as SOAP and WS-Security will eventually dominate. And on the other, we have people who believe that HTTP with plain old XML (POX) will outlast the new contender. I am announcing that the war is now over, whether the participants […]

My Google News

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10 Mar 2005

Josh Petersen has the latest on new customization features at Google News. They seem to focus on the low hanging fruit. I for one am more interested in news cross-analysis, fact checking and discovery than basic filtering. Moreover, I don’t want to manage my Google preferences in 5 different environments (news, search, groups, etc.); MyYahoo […]

My friend Tig and I are proud to introduce Defense Industry Daily, a niche blog/online trade rag dedicated to defense contractors and procurement managers. Like MarketingVox, the publication is medium-agnostic and accessible on the web, by RSS and by email (the later will be introduced shortly). DID is edited by Joe Katzman of Winds of […]

Yes Yahoo is a latecomer here but you have to appreciate the effort to expose not only web search, but also local, news, images and video. For now as per the FAQ they offer a REST interface and will implement SOAP only if there’s significant demand for it. Access is free but capped (by IP […]

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