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People interested in game design, product management, the (un)intended effects of incentives, internet app scalability, co-design between companies and customers, and online social behavior, could do a lot worse than to research the effects of Blizzard’s latest "Honor" patch to World of Warcraft. You can read threads such as this one, or better, go directly […]

Roger Johansson takes a step further the debate that wouldn’t die between proponents of fluid and fixed web designs. His in-between approach is demonstrated by his own recent "elastic" redesign. Resize the font on his site to see it in action. Look at the masthead and main column width — nice! Elastic is liquid done […]

Ah, those pesky PC games (PC here includes Macs), fiercely resisting the ever-renewed dogma announcing the rise of browser-based apps at the expense of the desktop. World of Warcraft, arguably the most successful internet application worldwide (1.5M+ paying subscribers with peak concurrency above 500K players), more or less maxes out CPU utilization on a 2GHz […]

AuctionBytes: "Senior Manager of Platform Evangelism (developer relations) at eBay, Jeffrey McManus, is leaving the auction site. He’s headed to Yahoo as Director of Product Management working with new developer initiatives."

I’m in one of those periods when I pretend to be a web developer. Low productivity but great fun, and maybe with another few years I might become half good at it. Anyway I want to let my users choose how to sort some lists on one of my sites, so I’m passing along a […]

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