31 May

Most Satisfying Jazz Listen in Weeks

It’s been a while since I’ve been really enthusiastic about something I’ve listened to (admittedly for some reason I’ve been less aggressive at consuming new music these days), but Fly, a record released last year by an eponymous jazz trio, really did it for me. Jeff Ballard on drums charges on without overwhelming Larry Grenadier on upright bass and saxophonist Mark Turner. I’d sure like to see them on stage, maybe on a hot summer night in Key West, laid back but focused, with just a slight buzz from a couple rum-based cocktails after a light meal of spicy rice.
From reggae (Black Uhuru) to pop/rock (The Police) to jazz (countless examples), there’s a lot to be said in favor of trios. Their tightness can provide both space and energy, given proficient and connivent players. Maybe the triumvirat is actually an effective way to manage projects and organizations? (Sorry I suddenly got all Latin on you.)

16 May

Looking for some ASP.NET/SQL Server Help

As I’ve just posted on SciFan, I’m stuck on technical issues a bit above my head and my other projects prevent me from stepping up and finishing the new version of that site. So if you know VB.NET and SQL Server and are interested in salvaging a project that looks that it will remain 75% complete forever, for little to no pay (what’s not to like so far?), please contact me. I probably won’t be able to afford anyone who develops for a living, but if you want to help with a nice project (reasonably well known and visible within its realm) for pocket money, that would be very welcome.
Someone looking for a showcase/reference might take a longer involvement with the site as there are plenty of cool things we can do with it (on its frontend and backend). Anyone providing significant help would also get public credit for it (on this blog and on SciFan), for what it’s worth.
For those with the necessary skills, the nature of the problem is related to database changes linked to a more thorough and better normalized schema.

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03 May

An Easier Way to Upload Photos to Typepad

Everything Typepad:

"If you are a Windows user who likes to share a lot of photos with your family and friends, then you will be happy to learn that uploading photos just got a whole lot easier. In a few moments XP users can download and install a simple photo uploading wizard that integrates directly into your XP File Explorer. Just select the photo or photos you wish to upload from any folder and click on the "Publish these items to the Web" link found in your XP sidebar."

Imagine that, a desktop extension (almost at the OS level) to that most webish of web apps, the blog publishing tool. If only operating systems kept evolving to better support the hardware they’re supposed to manage, instead of trying to include more and more such media-related gizmos best left to ISVs.