09 Sep

Movie Tags at Imdb

Movie Keywords Analyzer (MoKA), like Flickr, lets users apply tags to non-text content, where they make sense to support free-wheeling descriptions and in my opinion complement, rather than compete with more structured taxonomies. Not quite faceted navigation, but it’s still nice to find, say, movies that feature drugs, dream, death. Obviously there’s a lot of tagging left to be done, I’m curious about how fast and accurate it’s going to be.

09 Sep

Structured Data Blogging

For some reason I hadn’t bumped into Reger yet, but it’s definitely intriguing:

"[W]hat this tool excels at is allowing you to capture extended data fields with each entry. As you blog and collect data, you can then mine that data with custom graphs, advanced saved data searches and data-enabled RSS feeds. All right out of the box with no complex user manuals or custom code. You can create a custom log type to log any sort of activity you can imagine."

Watched a couple videos, they’re ok though the sound production values are so-so and it still seems rough around the edges, especially overall visual design and more specifically form rendering. But then some of it should be considered “alpha software” says the voice over, and who likes HTML forms anyway? From a marketing perspective I get the sense Reger tries to cover too much ground too quickly, at the risk of not being a clear killer app for anyone. That probably comes with the swiss knife nature of such a tool. Since normal people don’t go creating XML schemas, the whole thing needs to be streamlined and refined, but the basic premises are intriguing. Many people track the craziest things with Excel, and a lot of it would make sense online (as much as these things make sense in the first place, that is).