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Must-read post by Ari Paparo on why older shared bookmarking services such as his own Blink didn’t work out as well as the much more recent and less-funded "[P]roduct design matters. We had more money, more users, a five year head start, and some really, really smart people working on bookmarking in 1999. The […]

Enterprise software is so 2001 downturn, witness the Grand Central/Swivel story. These things work in funny, cyclical ways. Expect enterprise software to make a comeback sometime in 2007 when people realize than online advertising/publishing, personal/amateur boom or not, is not a $500B business. Please find me someone excited by podcasting who is not involved in […]

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I'm CEO of an online/mobile trade publishing firm in the marketing and defense verticals. We strive to make news and data digestible and useful in an environment that is noisier by the day.

This personal blog mixes my thoughts and interests on politics, business, publishing, software, and more. Over the years I have posted items that turned out spectacularly wrong, and a few posts that better stood the test of time.



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