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David Erickson posted an entry I meant to write for years. Open source is great at a lot of things, but let’s face it, documentation is often incredibly lousy. I’m spending a lot of times these days looking at what we can and can’t do with our PHP/Wordpress/OpenAds toolset. Sometimes it really feels like a […]

10 years on, the White Stripes rock on. Their latest album is an instant classic. Saying you’re enjoying rock albums is the self-inflicted Carbon 14 for music listeners, right? Well at least I know how to get them before the official release date, so people under 30 who read this, give me a bit of […]

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I'm CEO of an online/mobile trade publishing firm in the marketing and defense verticals. We strive to make news and data digestible and useful in an environment that is noisier by the day.

This personal blog mixes my thoughts and interests on politics, business, publishing, software, and more. Over the years I have posted items that turned out spectacularly wrong, and a few posts that better stood the test of time.



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